How Can You Get Rid Of Deodorant Stains Out Of Shirts?

How Can You Get Rid Of Deodorant Stains Out Of Shirts?

If you can’t go on a day without using a deodorant then you must know of the struggle that you have to face while washing your shirts. The rigid stains from the deodorants never seem to fade away as they cling to your underarms. Even the washing machine can’t fight its rigidity, so what do you do? Fret not, we are here to help you out of your misery. Go through some of the best methods you can use to keep the stains away from your favorite shirts.


How can you eliminate the yellow and white deodorant stains on your shirt?

The ugly stains that you get on your shirts result from the combination of your deodorant or any antiperspirant with sweat. The mixture of the two leads to the bad stains on your shirts. And even though you sweat a little, it can form a bad yellow tint. This is due to the presence of aluminum in the antiperspirant. If you are one of those people who use too much of the deodorants, then it might form a cakey-white layer on your shirt as well. It should be kept in mind that the faster you deal with the stains, the better it can be handled on the fabric. You can follow the following steps in order to deal with the white deodorant marks:

You can use the following products to remove the white stains on your shirts:

  • Nylons
  • Use baby wipes
  • Make-up remover
  • Fabric softener sheets
  • Foam on dry cleaner’s hangers

In case these methods don’t work out and the stain is too hard to remove, then you can try some alternative ways.

Natural methods to remove stains by deodorants

You can get rid of the yellow and white stains on your shirt by simply using natural substances available around your house.

Use Aspirin

Aspirin can be very effective in the removal of stains. You can use a mortar and a pestle in order to crush two tablets of aspirin. Take the powder and mix it with hot water and pour the solution on the shirt’s stain. Let it stay for a few hours before you wash it off.


Dish Soap with Hydrogen Peroxide

This combination can work like a magic to erase the most sturdy stains. Mix about 3 tablespoons of dish soap with six tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide which will make a scrub. Apply this onto the stain with a brush and keep scrubbing. Let it stay for an hour or so and then wash it off.



First of all, don’t expect salt to help you with the white layers of the deodorant. Although, it can be useful to remove the yellow stains. Get about 4 tablespoons of salt and mix it with one quarter of boiling water. Apply it on the shirt you want and keep rubbing on the stain till you can see it gone.



Lemon comes with an acidic property that can be very helpful in removing stains. You can get a lemon and start rubbing it on your shirt’s stain, rub till the whole area is soaked and follow it up by adding some salt. Keep it for some time to dry in the sun and wash it off. The sun will readily help brighten up the affected area.


Baking Soda

Get about four tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with a warm cup of water. Put your fabric inside for sometime in the solution. You can add a bit of white vinegar to it before washing it off. This is considered as a great way to remove rigid stains.



Ammonia is known as a multi-purpose agent which can be really effective in erasing stains. The first step is to preheat your fabric in some ammonia with warm water. Make sure that the ammonia solution is diluted before proceeding forward. Let the combination stay for a while and then you can wash off your shirt in the washing machine.

The best way to prevent deodorant marks before they even appear is by using anti sweat undershirts. The sweat proof undershirts are made of unique materials which makes it super comfortable to wear without any worries, check out NGwear to get the best prevention against yellow and white stains of deodorants.There are a few remedies to remove the yellow stains on clothing resulting from excessive sweating.

How To Deal With Armpit Stains And Easy Ways To Remove Them

How To Deal With Armpit Stains And Easy Ways To Remove Them

People who experience excessive sweating know all the trouble it causes. Starting from ugly yellow stains on your shirt which looks totally disgusting. With the constant fear of someone spotting them can cause a lot of stress, which causes you to sweat even more. You might dread white shirts and hide behind sweaters to save from the wrath of your sweat. So, the question lingering in your head might be how can you deal with the yellow underarm stains and what is the best possible way to avoid them all together? Read along to find out the primary causes of why you might get yellow stains on your shirts and the best ways to deal with them!


What is the main reason behind the underarm sweat stains?

Sweating is defined as a normal mechanism of the human body and it is actually a defense mechanism of your body to cool it down and lower the body temperature. You might assume that sweat causes the ugly sweat stains in your underarms but that is not the case. There is another truth to it that needs to be uncovered. One of the most common causes of the stains you might come across is essentially due to the many deodorants and antiperspirants that you use. And when these reactive chemicals come in contact with your sweat, they result in those big yellow stains that can stick to your clothing fabric and mess it all up. This is not the only cause though, other chemicals present in perfumes, jewellery, and even some chemicals present in the sole fabric of the cloth might react to turn it into bad yellow stains. And this results in ruining your whole look.

Usually, sweat is colorless, there might be a case that you might be suffering from any rare medical conditions that cause the yellow stains resulting from your sweat. In some situations, it might even turn black! Apart from that side, the main reason why you face those ugly yellow stains is due to the reaction between your sweat and some chemicals coming in contact with it, which might be present in your clothes.


How can you remove these underarm sweat stains?

Even though the main culprit for the yellow stains might be the deodorant and antiperspirants, you might not want to skip using them because they are important in other ways. So given that you can’t avoid using these chemicals which cause the yellow underarm stains, there are some other ways to deal with the stains even after you get them. Go through all of the options and see which one works the best for you as some might not given the optimal results but they are sure worth a try.

Go for baking soda:

Try mixing baking soda with water until it forms a kind of a paste and apply it on the yellow stains. Let it stay for a while, for about 20 minutes and then wash it off. The stain might go away as the soda acts like a bleach.


Try Vinegar:

You can use vinegar on the affected area and let it stay for about 15 minutes. After taking it out, repeat the baking soda routine and see if it works out for you.



You can use salt instead of baking soda as well. Many have suggested that it works, so see if it does the same wonder for you.


Any other special product:

There are a lot of results you can get from the internet to deal with the yellow stains.

If you don’t want to mess anything up with these tricky methods, then there is another easier method that you can try out. This includes a sweatproof barrier staying between your underarms and your clothing. You can try sweat pads which can be very effective in dealing with stains but it might be uncomfortable for some. If you want a solid way to deal with the yellow stains, then try out anti sweat undershirt from NGwear, they work like a charm and prevent your sweat from making contact with your overall clothing. Try the sweat proof undershirt and see it work like a magic to avoid yellow stains. Have a glance at a few eating habits that reduce the issue of excessive sweating, helping you live a happier life!

Say Bye to Yellow Stains with These Hacks

Say Bye to Yellow Stains with These Hacks

Yellow stains are the biggest humiliation sweating brings with it. Everyone who sweats heavily has been there. You just cannot wear a shirt with yellow sweat marks on it. There goes all your money in waste. But this is not the end of it. You waste even more money on buying new sets of clothing to avoid these stains. There seems no remedy to it. Until you land at this blog and read ahead.

Yellow stains often seem permanent and unavoidable. But there are tested ways to keep your clothes from yellowing. Follow any of these tips discussed below and see the yellow marks go away.



Nix the Antiperspirants

It is not just the sweat that causes yellow stains. When sweat mixes with the antiperspirants, there emerges the yellow colouring. It is primarily the antiperspirant that causes the yellow marks on your clothes. Hence, it is better to stay away it for the good. Instead of antiperspirants, you can use a natural deodorant to keep the odour away. Only that deodorants do not work for heavy perspiration. If you have an excessive sweating problem, you may want to use the antiperspirant at a limited level. It will help in keep the staining to the lowest possible quantity.


Prevent Yellow Stains Through Washing

There are various ways with which you can save your clothes from staining. The first means is to submerge your clothes in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. This mixture will keep the stains away. Another means is to soak the clothes in OxyClean 20 minutes before washing. It will easily clean the yellow stains. You can also apply any stain remover to the sweat marks to get rid of them. Removing stains from white clothes is the most difficult. Try using a cloth whitener to do the job for you. It is sure to steer clear of the stains and give your clothes a fresh as new look.



Do Not Bleach

People usually use bleach as a stain remover. But this really isn’t true. Very strong yellow stains are hard to remove even with bleach. On the contrary, bleach can worsen the staining. It is important that you do not use bleach at all for sweat marks on your clothes. Since it increases the yellowing, it is better to keep your clothes away from it.


Pre-treat on Time

It is obvious that a long day robs you off your energy. You want to undress and roll up your clothes in a bundle. But this is a major cause of yellow stains. When sweaty clothes are left untreated, the sweat and antiperspirant will mix to form the reaction. The yellowing is a direct consequence. Therefore, it is important that you pre-treat your clothes right away removing them. Soak the clothes in a bucket of water with OxyClean or a mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide or a whitener.



Use Sweat Pads

A good way to keep the stains away is sweat pads. A sweat pad blocks contact between the sweat and the antiperspirant. Therefore, there is no yellowing. They will also absorb sweat and keep your armpits dry for a considerable amount of the day. This is a good solution for those who do not experience heavy sweating. Sweat pads are not so reliable for patients of excessive sweating. They cannot go on throughout the day and require regular maintenance.


Sweatproof Undershirt

A protective undershirt is your best way out for yellow stains. Once you don an undershirt, you eliminate the possibility of staining. India’s first ever anti-sweat undershirt from NGwear will do the job for you. This is a 100% cotton undershirt with great sweat-absorbing capacity. You can wear this sweat-resistant shirt throughout the day and feel no wetness.

This undershirt is your best option to keep the stains away. It will efficiently absorb the sweat before it comes in contact with the antiperspirant. First, there is no yellowing. Additionally, the shirt prevents any sweat from reaching your clothes. Therefore, even if there is any yellowing, it does not touch your clothing.


Yellow stains are a real headache. For those who sweat heavily or suffer from auxiliary hyperhidrosis, it is really hard to keep the stains away. But, not anymore. These are some lesser known means of preventing or removing the sweat marks. You can employ any or all of these means to protect your clothes and stop further wastage of money.

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