Dress Shirt Trends Over The Years

Dress Shirt Trends Over The Years

Dress shirt is an extremely common term used by almost all the men. For those who are not familiar with the term, a dress shirt is a shirt you wear under your suit jacket. Even though men use the shirt almost every day of their lives. Only a few of them are actually aware of the historical background of the dress shirt. Dress shirt does have a history. They have an origin, and they were used differently in older times. This article will tell you how this piece of cloth became such an essential part of a man’s life.

Dress Shirts Over The Years

Dress Shirt Trends Over The Years NGwearDress shirts have been in this world from the time our great-grandparents were born. Here is the historical background of the dress shirt.

First Shirts

The very first time they were used was long-long back. These shirts were evidently seen in the Medieval artistry period. Initially, dress shirts were used as innerwear. Yes, you heard it absolutely right, these were used as innerwear in previous times. People used to wear these to protect themselves from all the sweat and soil. Men used to weariIt with waistcoat whereas women used it to protect their pretty frocks. These shirts were mainly made of items like cotton, hemp or linen. This piece of cloth was hardly visible in those times.

Outer Garment Status

For a long time, wearing nothing over a shirt was considered extremely improper. It was similar to wearing nothing but innerwear and heading outside. After the 20th century, these shirts became popular as an outer garment. People were then comfortably wearing the shirt as an outer garment. Later in the years, people started making innovations. Shirts with embellishments and embroideries came into the market. So, the clothing certainly changed the entire trend.  People were seen wearing different colors of the shirt. It became a fashionable casual outfit.

Highly Common

Dress Shirt Trends Over The Years NGwearShirts became extremely popular by the 1920’s. It was hugely accepted by almost the entire population of the world. Every man was allowed to wear a shirt and move around the city. Earlier, farmers and peasants were constrained from wearing such attire. But by this time, even they were seen wearing colorful shirts. Pastel colors were very much in trend these days. People preferred a much larger collar than what we see in shirts today. People all around the place paired these shirts with blazer or coats. A few of men even wore an overcoat with a shirt dress. But, none of the combinations discomforted anyone. Since then it became an extremely important piece of cloth in a man’s wardrobe.

The Big Change

Dress Shirt Trends Over The Years NGwearBy the 1980’s dress shirts became immensely popular. It was one of those clothes that a man cannot think of living without. Innovation and creative creation were happening at a very high pace. The designers started to do certain experiments. They began with stiffening the cuffs and collars while the rest of the garment was left comfortable. They began making these shirts with different materials. Since then, shirts became common and the most popular clothing for a business or formal gathering. Sky blue color was one of the most popular colors of all time. With no dubiety, we can still state that people still love sky blue color in their formal attire.

The general idea and the style of clothing haven’t changed much in the past few years. The method of business formals has remained the same right from the 18th century. Although, people have made significant changes in terms of color. Added accessories like cuff links and ties have become popular as well. There were no undershirts back in the 18th century, but people soon realized its importance. You can have great undershirts from here. Also, have a look at the business wear trends that are going on nowadays.

Men’s Business Wear Trends This Summer

Men’s Business Wear Trends This Summer

The trend is always changing but, one thing that remains constant is the comfort. You must never compromise with comfort. It becomes easy to work when you feel comfortable in your clothing. Business wear is designed and curated by keeping in mind that it must make you look professional. If it doesn’t give out an aesthetic, comfortable and cool vibe, then it definitely is not meant for business wear. The trend this year is extremely colorful. Brands are mix-matching colors and making cool business wear and presentable outfits. It definitely makes you look neat, clean and presentable. Read along to know the latest trends.



Men’s Business Wear Trends This Summer NGwearWe all know that black is not a very smart choice in summers. It is a heat absorbent and can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Apart from that, no one would like to immensely sweat under an amazing suit and probably ruin the entire attire. So, it becomes really important to make decent color choices. White is most likely to be an all-weather color. So, it certainly proves to be amazing for hot summer days as well. The white color shirt is definitely a great choice during summers. However, it is all about grey color this summer. Grey is probably the subtlest and looks great when paired with whites. You can definitely wear a grey suit to your office.

Bright Colored Ties

Men’s Business Wear Trends This Summer NGwear Bright colored ties are very much in trend. However, colored ties might not seem appropriate as office apparel. It still makes great formal wear. You can certainly wear a red tie over your grey suit. The poppy color will make an awesome outfit. Other colors like green and purple are also trending this year. You can pair it with any of your suits to stand out among the rest. However, make sure you look different in a good way. If you are not really comfortable wearing a plain poppy color tie, you can also go for a colorful tie that has stripes or a geometric pattern in it. Make sure you make the proper pairing of your outfit. Make sure the combination you pick looks good too. The bright shades might look good individually. However, sometimes, upon pairing them, you might end up looking like a disaster!


Breathable Material

Men’s Business Wear Trends This Summer NGwearFashion trend these days are more about comfort. Designers and common people are picking up outfits that are made with breathable fabric. Breathable fabrics are beneficial in a lot of ways. It does not expose your body to the unnecessary heat. Heat can make your body sweat like anything.  Sweating can make you look absolutely unpresentable. So, choosing an outfit with a breathable material can help you avoid such situations. You may look much more presentable. If you are not really aware of the breathable material, you may look for clothes that specify 100% cotton as its material. Cotton is one of the most preferred material. Cotton clothes are breathable, and they also prevent body odor. They are also fairly stretchable and can definitely make a great outfit.

The Checkered Dress Shirt

Check shirts are the most basic clothing that each one of us has in our wardrobe. These became popular a few years back. Check shirts definitely make a bright dress shirt. You can either pair it with a suit jacket or wear a check shirt and go to your workplace. These shirts come in many different colors. You can choose colors according to the season as darker colors absorb a lot of heat. Some of the most loved colors of check dress shirts are white, blue and green. They can be easily paired with any color. You can definitely let go of your tie for a day! Pick the right color, considering how much you sweat. Yes, the colors make a difference.

These are one of the latest business fashion trends for men. Pick the trend that suits your body type the best and stay in fashion with the right business wear. However, you can add a layer of undershirt to avoid sweat patches. It can even help you in achieving a nice fitting.

The purpose of wearing undershirts

The purpose of wearing undershirts

When one talks of comfort and fashion, an undershirt undeniably makes an appearance. An undershirt is a standard piece of clothing that can be in the closets of men all around the globe. So purpose does an undershirt serve, anyway?

Providing concealment under sheer materials:

On the top reasons why people go, or undershorts over their apparels is its ability to provide an opaque layer underneath their sheer or lightly colored clothing. For men especially, when wearing light shirts, it helps conceal sweat patches and their chest hair from being visible. Undershirts help you from being self-conscious about the skin you might show.

To cover up those pecs:

Yes, we’re talking summertime and sweaty skins here. It is quite common and logical for men to wear casual button downs and open-collared shirts on a warm summer day. In these cases, undershirts provide modesty. While open collars and button downs are casual outfits not quite suited for work, adding an undershirt provides a professional and groomed touch.

Absorb sweat:

Sweat stain can be embarrassing, especially on light colored shirts. They give off a messy and disheveled appearance that no guy wants to sport. After all, no guy would want to meet with a client or a date with sweat underarm patches now, do they? Half sleeved undershirts are designed especially to stop that from happening. Some of them are designed to go one step further and even absorb the sweat and prevent it from seeping through your outerwear, thus keeping it dry and clean.

To present a smooth, pleasant appearance:

Now, nobody wants to flaunt their bumps and lumps while they are out and about. Dealing with the dreaded muffin top is a daily battle for many a man. Undershirts can work their magic by providing a second layer of clothing that hides those ridges and curves presenting a smooth and uniform appearance from the outside. They are particularly helpful while wearing tuxedos and business suits, giving the wearer a sleek structure and form.

To improve comfort:

Finally, most people wear undershirts so that they can be quite comfortable regardless of what they’re wearing on the outside. Some people often despise the constant chafing of buttons and certain fabrics against their skin. Undershirts are a soft and welcome respite from those itchy and stiff materials. It provides them with a layer of comfort that allows them to flaunt their fashions with zero self-doubts.

The purpose of wearing undershirts NGwear

Undershirts have been a regular apparel choice for many and have been around for more than a century, what with the army and navy using them as flexible and comfortable clothing upon which they could strap their suits and gears. In modern times though, undershirts have become a popular fashion go to for those willing to try new looks and outfits without being self-conscious and comfortable at the same time. Whether it be to avoid sweat stains, camouflage or comfort there’s no refuting an undershirts importance in everyday wear.  If you liked this article, Check how to keep cool in office.

The Benefits Of Using An Undershirt To Stop Sweating At Work

The Benefits Of Using An Undershirt To Stop Sweating At Work

Sweat is your worst enemy, probably and it is even worse at work. You have tried a thousand different ways to save yourself from its wrath but it has been of no help. Excessive sweating can be caused due to stress and nervousness as well. And leading further, it can harm your self-confidence to a large extent. You try your best not to end up in an embarrassing situation where a colleague might notice your sweat patches, making you feel dreadful. Even with all the helpful ways and methods, nothing concrete has yet saved you from your sweating nightmares. And this could potentially ruin your whole day in a second. Excessive sweating can happen due to a number of reasons, starting from your diet or just your regular body mechanism. You might be taking several showers to cool yourself down to save yourself from an embarrassing encounter but nothing seems to help. You might think there is no way that you could get rid of this annoying thing which has been making your days the worst ones for ages. Fret not, surf through some ways by which a sweat proof undershirt can help you control your sweating at work.


Breathability Of The Undershirt

The material of the undershirt can determine the breathability factor of the cloth. The better the absorption rate of the material, the better it acts to save you from your frustrating sweat. This can help you from overheating and sweating excessively. Cotton undershirts can get heavy at times, causing you to sweat even more. This could make your situation even worse than before.

The warmth of your body needs to be kept away from you, else it results in raising the temperature of your body and makes you sweat even more. The conventional cotton shirts that you regularly prefer can do more damage than help, they do not help with your body heat and cause you to sweat excessively. Try NGwear’s anti sweat undershirt that can go a long way to help you keep your sweat at bay. The material of the cloth ensures that your sweat does not bother you in any way. This could help you have a fresh and cool day at your office rather than making you sweat out of stress even more. The materials in a sweat proof undershirt are very thin and are much more breathable than cotton. And individuals who have regularly used these shirts ensure that they do not even feel the fabric on them, it is completely comfortable on all grounds. It does not feel heavy or irritating to wear.


The Soaking Nature Of The Sweat Proof Undershirt

When the weather is harsh on you, it can put a negative impact on your body. And the body’s defense mechanism to make you cool down in a warm temperature is to sweat. This can cause many annoying problems for you. You might have an important meeting to attend and your sweat has made your self-confidence totally down. You might be stressing out about the sweat marks on your shirt and more. This can lead to excessive sweating, creating a worse situation for you.

When you have an important meeting to attend and you have been profusely sweating like anything, it might be a problem. You can try NGwear’s sweat proof undershirt, which guarantees you perfect results. It can be an amazing savior and could save you from an embarrassing encounter. With this on you, you don’t have to worry about sweating out of your shirt. It keeps your outer shirt totally sweat free. Without that, your shirt might be soaking wet within a matter of minutes. The material of these anti sweat undershirts can help to soak the sweat to a large extent. It can readily absorb a large amount of sweat saving you from many hindrances.

Now you can go about your day without worrying about sweating, we have got you covered with the NGwear’s sweat proof undershirt. Get your hands on the ultimate option to keep your sweat at bay. Choose to feel confident and fresh any time of the way without fretting about excessively sweating. Here are a few reasons why every business person needs a sweat shield shirt.

8 Sweating Problems Explained: Symptoms and Solutions

8 Sweating Problems Explained: Symptoms and Solutions

Sweating is a natural bodily activity. It is meant to keep our bodies hydrated and cooled. But there is something to state for the adverse effects of sweating as well. Excessive sweating can take a heavy toll on both the mind and body of an individual. The problem of hyperhidrosis quickly escalates to the level that it makes routine life almost impossible. Around 3% of the people deal with the problem of excessive sweating on a daily basis. But this is only one of the numerous sweating problems. There are several issues related to sweating. 8 of these are discussed below.


Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Primary Hyperhidrosis is a more recognized condition in comparison with secondary hyperhidrosis. The latter is, in fact, an equally serious medical condition. It causes individuals to sweat more than normal, making it hell for them in summers. This condition differs from primary hyperhidrosis in the fact that sweating takes place across the entire body. This problem requires medical attention for treatment.



Sweating Problems of Underarm

Excessive sweltering in the underarms is one of the most commonly experienced sweating problems. This problem starts right from the childhood and continues for the whole lifetime. People with armpit sweating issue develop a tendency of consciousness in public gatherings and nervousness during important events. It impacts the mind negatively.

The number one solution for this problem is NGwear’s anti-sweat undershirt. As India’s first sweatproof undershirt, this product proficiently deals with underarm wetness. It makes you feel dry and comfortable, locking all the sweat in the fabric. You can also seek treatment for this condition of underarm sweating.


Wetness in the Hands

Sweating takes its worst toll when wetness builds in your palms and arms. Imagine yourself before a big meeting, nervous to the core. You are sweating as a result of this anxiety. Your hands are wet with all the sweat your glands are actively creating due to your uneasiness. In such a situation, it will be more than just embarrassing to shake hands with anyone else. This is one of the serious sweating problems known as palmar hyperhidrosis.



Sweating in the Feet

In addition to excessive sweating in the hands, there is also a condition of heavy wetness in the feet. You may feel like your feet is on fire during any exertion in the outdoor heat. It takes no time for your feet to drown in a puddle of sweat. This sweating problem can even occur when you are barefoot. It requires medical treatment and can be cured with a proper course of medicines.


Face and Head Perspiration

More major sweating problems include bouts of wetness on the face and the head. This condition is called cranial hyperhidrosis. As a medical condition, cranial hyperhidrosis affects individuals emotionally alongside its physical side effects. The remedy requires you to seek treatment from experts.


Stress Sweating

Do you find yourself sweating excessively during important situations like a big presentation? You are most probably suffering from the condition of stress sweating. It is another one of the common sweating problems. Stress sweat occurs in situations that make individuals nervous. When you find yourself in these anxious situations, the stressors in your body are activated. With this, the sweat glands start perspiring in heavy terms. The root cause of this condition is the anxiety issues one has.

There are natural as well as medical solutions for this problem. You can inculcate certain habits to manage your stress issues. Additionally, you can get medicines to improve upon this condition.



Night Sweats

Many people suffer from the problem of night sweat. It is a temporary condition but causes several problems. Night sweats occur due to approaching menopause or certain other illness or fever. Heavy sweating during the night can interrupt your REM sleep cycle, making you feel tired throughout the day. Consult an expert doctor to help yourself with this problem.


Sweat Attacks

A number of people experience sudden flashes of sweat in high temperature conditions. A typical sweat attack can last for a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes or even more. It is very common among women, especially those in menopause. Individuals with this problem can take preventive measures to avoid frequent sweat attacks.

Excessive sweating can be a real headache if left untreated. All these sweating problems have useful remedies for treatment. Seek proper medical advice and look for all the preventive measures regarding your condition. You can get rid of these issues in real time. Read more to get all the answers for chronic sweating.