The Benefits Of Using An Undershirt To Stop Sweating At Work

The Benefits Of Using An Undershirt To Stop Sweating At Work

Sweat is your worst enemy, probably and it is even worse at work. You have tried a thousand different ways to save yourself from its wrath but it has been of no help. Excessive sweating can be caused due to stress and nervousness as well. And leading further, it can harm your self-confidence to a large extent. You try your best not to end up in an embarrassing situation where a colleague might notice your sweat patches, making you feel dreadful. Even with all the helpful ways and methods, nothing concrete has yet saved you from your sweating nightmares. And this could potentially ruin your whole day in a second. Excessive sweating can happen due to a number of reasons, starting from your diet or just your regular body mechanism. You might be taking several showers to cool yourself down to save yourself from an embarrassing encounter but nothing seems to help. You might think there is no way that you could get rid of this annoying thing which has been making your days the worst ones for ages. Fret not, surf through some ways by which a sweat proof undershirt can help you control your sweating at work.


Breathability Of The Undershirt

The material of the undershirt can determine the breathability factor of the cloth. The better the absorption rate of the material, the better it acts to save you from your frustrating sweat. This can help you from overheating and sweating excessively. Cotton undershirts can get heavy at times, causing you to sweat even more. This could make your situation even worse than before.

The warmth of your body needs to be kept away from you, else it results in raising the temperature of your body and makes you sweat even more. The conventional cotton shirts that you regularly prefer can do more damage than help, they do not help with your body heat and cause you to sweat excessively. Try NGwear’s anti sweat undershirt that can go a long way to help you keep your sweat at bay. The material of the cloth ensures that your sweat does not bother you in any way. This could help you have a fresh and cool day at your office rather than making you sweat out of stress even more. The materials in a sweat proof undershirt are very thin and are much more breathable than cotton. And individuals who have regularly used these shirts ensure that they do not even feel the fabric on them, it is completely comfortable on all grounds. It does not feel heavy or irritating to wear.


The Soaking Nature Of The Sweat Proof Undershirt

When the weather is harsh on you, it can put a negative impact on your body. And the body’s defense mechanism to make you cool down in a warm temperature is to sweat. This can cause many annoying problems for you. You might have an important meeting to attend and your sweat has made your self-confidence totally down. You might be stressing out about the sweat marks on your shirt and more. This can lead to excessive sweating, creating a worse situation for you.

When you have an important meeting to attend and you have been profusely sweating like anything, it might be a problem. You can try NGwear’s sweat proof undershirt, which guarantees you perfect results. It can be an amazing savior and could save you from an embarrassing encounter. With this on you, you don’t have to worry about sweating out of your shirt. It keeps your outer shirt totally sweat free. Without that, your shirt might be soaking wet within a matter of minutes. The material of these anti sweat undershirts can help to soak the sweat to a large extent. It can readily absorb a large amount of sweat saving you from many hindrances.

Now you can go about your day without worrying about sweating, we have got you covered with the NGwear’s sweat proof undershirt. Get your hands on the ultimate option to keep your sweat at bay. Choose to feel confident and fresh any time of the way without fretting about excessively sweating. Here are a few reasons why every business person needs a sweat shield shirt.

8 Sweating Problems Explained: Symptoms and Solutions

8 Sweating Problems Explained: Symptoms and Solutions

Sweating is a natural bodily activity. It is meant to keep our bodies hydrated and cooled. But there is something to state for the adverse effects of sweating as well. Excessive sweating can take a heavy toll on both the mind and body of an individual. The problem of hyperhidrosis quickly escalates to the level that it makes routine life almost impossible. Around 3% of the people deal with the problem of excessive sweating on a daily basis. But this is only one of the numerous sweating problems. There are several issues related to sweating. 8 of these are discussed below.


Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Primary Hyperhidrosis is a more recognized condition in comparison with secondary hyperhidrosis. The latter is, in fact, an equally serious medical condition. It causes individuals to sweat more than normal, making it hell for them in summers. This condition differs from primary hyperhidrosis in the fact that sweating takes place across the entire body. This problem requires medical attention for treatment.



Sweating Problems of Underarm

Excessive sweltering in the underarms is one of the most commonly experienced sweating problems. This problem starts right from the childhood and continues for the whole lifetime. People with armpit sweating issue develop a tendency of consciousness in public gatherings and nervousness during important events. It impacts the mind negatively.

The number one solution for this problem is NGwear’s anti-sweat undershirt. As India’s first sweatproof undershirt, this product proficiently deals with underarm wetness. It makes you feel dry and comfortable, locking all the sweat in the fabric. You can also seek treatment for this condition of underarm sweating.


Wetness in the Hands

Sweating takes its worst toll when wetness builds in your palms and arms. Imagine yourself before a big meeting, nervous to the core. You are sweating as a result of this anxiety. Your hands are wet with all the sweat your glands are actively creating due to your uneasiness. In such a situation, it will be more than just embarrassing to shake hands with anyone else. This is one of the serious sweating problems known as palmar hyperhidrosis.



Sweating in the Feet

In addition to excessive sweating in the hands, there is also a condition of heavy wetness in the feet. You may feel like your feet is on fire during any exertion in the outdoor heat. It takes no time for your feet to drown in a puddle of sweat. This sweating problem can even occur when you are barefoot. It requires medical treatment and can be cured with a proper course of medicines.


Face and Head Perspiration

More major sweating problems include bouts of wetness on the face and the head. This condition is called cranial hyperhidrosis. As a medical condition, cranial hyperhidrosis affects individuals emotionally alongside its physical side effects. The remedy requires you to seek treatment from experts.


Stress Sweating

Do you find yourself sweating excessively during important situations like a big presentation? You are most probably suffering from the condition of stress sweating. It is another one of the common sweating problems. Stress sweat occurs in situations that make individuals nervous. When you find yourself in these anxious situations, the stressors in your body are activated. With this, the sweat glands start perspiring in heavy terms. The root cause of this condition is the anxiety issues one has.

There are natural as well as medical solutions for this problem. You can inculcate certain habits to manage your stress issues. Additionally, you can get medicines to improve upon this condition.



Night Sweats

Many people suffer from the problem of night sweat. It is a temporary condition but causes several problems. Night sweats occur due to approaching menopause or certain other illness or fever. Heavy sweating during the night can interrupt your REM sleep cycle, making you feel tired throughout the day. Consult an expert doctor to help yourself with this problem.


Sweat Attacks

A number of people experience sudden flashes of sweat in high temperature conditions. A typical sweat attack can last for a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes or even more. It is very common among women, especially those in menopause. Individuals with this problem can take preventive measures to avoid frequent sweat attacks.

Excessive sweating can be a real headache if left untreated. All these sweating problems have useful remedies for treatment. Seek proper medical advice and look for all the preventive measures regarding your condition. You can get rid of these issues in real time. Read more to get all the answers for chronic sweating.

Efficient Sweating to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat

Efficient Sweating to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat

Summers can get the better of you. There are days when the temperature is just out of bounds and your body fails you. Different people react differently to heat with respect to their sweating levels. Some of us hardly sweat a drop even in the most scorching conditions. Some others, at the same time, drown in a little sweat pool of our own. If you find yourself sweating bullets the moment you step outside, you need to practise efficient sweating.

There are not many ways you can control the process of sweating. A number of factors influence and determine the amounts of sweat you produce. But sweating efficiently allows you to stay cool and dry without creating any puddles of water. This practice will help you tackle the summer heat in better ways.



Body Adjustment to Heat

The process through which your body deals with the temperature is known as acclimatization. This process is significant in managing your sweat levels during heat. It plays an important role in helping your body practice efficient sweating in a hot environment.

When you spend more time in heat, your body becomes increasingly habitual to it. Spending more time in high temperatures renders your body insensitive to sweating. With this increases your endurance against hot surroundings, resulting in efficient sweating. But this practice does not lead to any reduction in your sweat levels. On the contrary, it makes you sweat more. What makes efficient sweating stand out from usual perspiration is its ability to make you feel calm and composed. It does not rob you off your energy or confidence. You sweat evenly throughout the body, avoiding concentrated wetness in particular zones.

Some other factors that shape your body’s adjustment to heat are as follows:



Genes affect your sweat levels. Your genetic structure influences the amount of sweat your body produces. Different body parts may produce different levels of sweat depending upon the brain’s response to it. It is on how your glands react to the temperature you are in.




When it comes to efficient sweating, individuals with less weight are better off than overweight people. This process occurs due to the inversely proportional relationship between weight and skin surface area. With increase in weight, there is less skin surface area for sweat to evaporate. Therefore, fat people find themselves in puddles of sweat in heated atmospheres.



The rate at which your body cells convert food into energy also determines your adjustment to heat and sweat. Those who have a strong metabolism tend to feel more heat and, therefore, sweat more. Those with lower rate of metabolism feel less affected by the hot environment.



The difference in temperatures inside and outside is another chief factor for your bodily adjustment to sweat. If the indoor temperature is less in comparison to outdoors, you will feel more heated than usual. It will make it difficult for you to adjust in the hot conditions outside.


Practise Efficient Sweating

There are no ways through which you can control your genetic build and the concomitant reaction to heat. Similarly, your metabolism also remains out of your hand. But there are many other ways that you can follow to help your body sweat in an efficient manner.



Heat Exposure

The foremost step you can take in this direction is to expose yourself to heat. The more you take in heat, the more your bodily endurance increases. It reaches to a level wherein the body becomes insensitive to heat. With this, your sweating does not adversely affect your body physically in the form of fatigue or other symptoms. You can practise this by working out in the sun. Sit through the heat or meditate under the sun and see your body become shielded against sweating.


Lose Weight

Weight loss is another medium of achieving efficient sweating. With more weight, there is more sweating. Therefore, you can exercise and follow a diet to control your weight for sweat control. it will greatly impact your body’s response to high temperatures. Additionally, you will also reduce your chances of getting hyperhidrosis.


NGwear Sweatproof Undershirt

This summer, it is time to embrace the heat and beat it with NGwear anti-sweat undershirt. You can practice efficient sweating donning our 100% cotton undershirt. It is made with the latest technology to absorb all sweat and make you feel dry and confident all day. You also get the comfort and style of a quality undershirt. Throw away your fear of the outdoor heat and enjoy yourself to the best.

Read more to know the truth about the myths related to sweating.

Stress and Anxiety: 6 Tested Tips to Counteract These Feelings

Stress and Anxiety: 6 Tested Tips to Counteract These Feelings

The feelings of anxiety and stress will be a daily guest in your path towards chasing your dreams. We use the words “stress” and “anxiety” alike in most cases. We substitute the two terms for each other, primarily because their symptoms such as increased heart rate, perspiration, and more overlay.

It is imperative to note that these emotions come from two distinct places. When one does not properly know the differences, the ability to cope with the matter is affected.


Stress vs Anxiety

In most of the cases, anxiety takes birth due to fear. Stress, on the other hand, is created in the human body due to worries. There are stress-causing elements present all around us, a due assignment, a meeting or maybe a research task submission.

When you talk about stress, you actually know what is making you worry. When you get ride of the reason, all the stress simultaneously disappears. But the thing with anxiety is that the point of worry remains even after its root is gone. The reactions from the equations of anxiety becomes a springboard for more problems.

Each one of us faces negative cycles of emotions where fear and anxiety are definite. Situations such as the fear of entering a meeting or lack of preparation for an exam create strong feelings of anxiety.


When Stress and Anxiety Combine

One may encounter anxiety in cases of awful nervousness. Anxiety disorders can form when feelings like these persist for a long time. Continuation for a longer time can lead to chronic diseases demanding medical assistance. Such diseases, if overlooked, can lead to health threats. The foremost thing to remember is that these feelings are elements of your mindscape. Discussed below are some ways you can help yourself to ground both anxiety & stress.



Notice your Moods & Their Origin

To solve the issue, one needs to accept anxiety. Understanding these feelings of unrest will actually help in the natural relaxation of the body. Once you find and accept the reason for your stress or anxiety, you become the ruler of your mind. You will find the ability to make the right decisions.


How you need to react to your problem

After you recognize what is bothering you, you need to decide in your conscious the coping mechanism for it. For example, if you fear your mathematics exam, try to control this fear. You will ace the test. If you are nervous about the sanction of the new tender, visualize a successful meeting. When you acknowledge the contrast to your stress, you can surely reduce the effect.


Write A Precise & Actionable To-Do List

Time is money; only that there is not enough of it. As a result, you have to face the disappointment of failing to accomplish your daily tasks. By keeping things scheduled with a to-do list, you can actually track your daily progress and accomplish the tasks more efficiently. When the quotient of stress increases, a way to resolve the problem is by making a list of actions of control. You should make a clear roadmap to condense these feelings.



Defeat Problems Of Decision Making With Routines

You make a thousand decisions which may take a huge toll on your mental condition. Even the smallest of the decisions, like what to eat for lunch, take some serious efforts and consume energy. Sticking to proper routines can reduce the stress of making a lot of decisions together. It diminishes the mental pressure involved.

The problem of excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, is a complete bummer. Sweat proof undershirt by NGwear will reduce the fear of sweat marks on the clothes and avoid your public consciousness. So, the tip here is to put on an NGwear sweat proof shirt. It will help a lot before starting each day and eliminate the constant stress of sweat marks on the clothes.


Try Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing will help in taking in more air. This will help the body to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and more. To start the process, one should first lay on the back with knees to the chest, one hand on your stomach and another one on the chest. Breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes for long intervals, being as still as possible. Continue this thrice. With this process, the breathing will feel more natural, and feelings of stress will also diminish.



Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Not able to sleep during nights because of anxiety? A proper method of muscle relaxation is a great way to keep those voices of anxiety in your head under control. Close your eyes and firmly stretch all the body parts starting with the feet. Stretch each body part for 5 seconds and relax. Being patient is key to success because this may take a little time initially. As the time passes, it will get better and easier.

The bottom line is that the feelings of stress and anxiety will continue to exist. There is no indomitable cure for it. It is your way of dealing with these feelings that really matters. Follow these easy steps and rise to glory. Read here to know more about the habits that lead to increased sweating.

Underarm Sweat Pads: The Sad Alternate Reality and Remedy

Underarm Sweat Pads: The Sad Alternate Reality and Remedy

You must have tried a number of solutions for the ridiculous problem of uncontrolled underarm sweat. There are some tools to help you control the excessive build-up and odour of sweat. Apart from these odour-controlling instruments such as antiperspirants, there are several solutions for controlling its presence on your clothing. Underarm sweat pads are one such option. Also known as armpit pads, these are regarded as the best way of saving your clothing from getting marred by sweat stains. They also save you from the embarrassment of walking around with wetness clearly demarcated in the underarm zone.

But this is not the complete truth of it. All underarm sweat pads do not match the glamorized picture painted of them among the masses. Taking these pads in use comes with its own challenges in relation to its benefits. Read further to understand the complete truth of armpit pads.



What are Underarm Sweat Pads?

Made of cotton for a use-and-throw routine, armpit pads are used for absorbing sweat directly from your skin or clothing. What distinguishes sweat pads from garment shield or guards is its disposable usage. The guards or shields are made for the clothing and are rewashed for further use. Armpit pads, on the other hand, are used once and thrown when after one use. A great variety of underarm sweat pads is available in the market. Some stick to the clothes while some stick to the skin. Some others are stitched in the clothing or worn with the help of pins. They are available in different neutral colours to fit with your clothing as well.


The Truth About Underarm Sweat Pads

Armpit pads are regarded as a great help for people who face small to moderate amount of sweat. The moment the sweat bar raises to high, there comes absolute failure. There are a number of situations when your sweat pads just not the right solution. It is important to know these circumstances to avoid getting embarrassed in the public alongside saving yourself from the harms.

  • Expensive clothing: One of the biggest demerits of sweat pads is their side effects on your clothes. Stick-on pads often come with a very strong adhesive that remains in your clothing, possibly ruining it for a long time.
  • Loosely-fit clothes: Sweat pads do not work in the case of loose clothing. If your shirt’s underarm is not close to your underarm, then the sweat absorption does not take place properly. All the perspiration might just drip under your shirt.
  • Skin-fit clothes: On the other hand, clothes with a tight fitting also do not go along with underarm sweat pads. These pads are shapely visible through the clothing and give a bad impression from under it.
  • Sensitive skin: A major harm of using armpit pads is the drawbacks they have for your skin. The sticky material of the pads can adversely affect your skin and leave it with dangerous reactions. Irritation is a common problem faced with sweat pads.
  • Hyperhidrosis: In case of excessive sweating, armpit pads just don’t work. The high levels of sweat end up overusing the pad and make it inept very quickly.

While these were only some of the situations wherein pads do not work properly, they have a few more demerits.


Inconsistent Pad Placement and Adhesive

The biggest trouble of using an armpit pad is its placement. They might be perfectly placed when you begin the day. But 2 hours into it, and you have to rush to the bathroom to readjust it. Along with the skin irritation, a displaced pad poses as much trouble. Additionally, the adhesive of the pad also loses its capacity after taking a certain level of sweat. It makes an even more disgusting look with pads sticking out of your clothes.


Maintenance and Uneasiness

The use of underarm pads comes with its own awkwardness. They are difficult to maintain and equally embarrassing to deal with in public. Moreover, you cannot work with confidence once the pad is full, giving you the horrors of flapping out through your clothing.

The bottom line is that underarm sweat pads are not for everyone. With all their side effects and ineffective functioning, they are oftentimes a real headache. But there exists a much better option for your sweat control. India’s first ever sweatproof undershirt by NG Wear is the perfect way to go about sweat control. It is sweat-absorbent and odour-controlling made to suit your comfort and style. With NG Wear’s anti-sweat undershirt, you can forget your worries about sweat pads and more. Read here to know more about NG Wear sweat proof undershirt.