The purpose of wearing undershirts

The purpose of wearing undershirts

When one talks of comfort and fashion, an undershirt undeniably makes an appearance. An undershirt is a standard piece of clothing that can be in the closets of men all around the globe. So purpose does an undershirt serve, anyway?

Providing concealment under sheer materials:

On the top reasons why people go, or undershorts over their apparels is its ability to provide an opaque layer underneath their sheer or lightly colored clothing. For men especially, when wearing light shirts, it helps conceal sweat patches and their chest hair from being visible. Undershirts help you from being self-conscious about the skin you might show.

To cover up those pecs:

Yes, we’re talking summertime and sweaty skins here. It is quite common and logical for men to wear casual button downs and open-collared shirts on a warm summer day. In these cases, undershirts provide modesty. While open collars and button downs are casual outfits not quite suited for work, adding an undershirt provides a professional and groomed touch.

Absorb sweat:

Sweat stain can be embarrassing, especially on light colored shirts. They give off a messy and disheveled appearance that no guy wants to sport. After all, no guy would want to meet with a client or a date with sweat underarm patches now, do they? Half sleeved undershirts are designed especially to stop that from happening. Some of them are designed to go one step further and even absorb the sweat and prevent it from seeping through your outerwear, thus keeping it dry and clean.

To present a smooth, pleasant appearance:

Now, nobody wants to flaunt their bumps and lumps while they are out and about. Dealing with the dreaded muffin top is a daily battle for many a man. Undershirts can work their magic by providing a second layer of clothing that hides those ridges and curves presenting a smooth and uniform appearance from the outside. They are particularly helpful while wearing tuxedos and business suits, giving the wearer a sleek structure and form.

To improve comfort:

Finally, most people wear undershirts so that they can be quite comfortable regardless of what they’re wearing on the outside. Some people often despise the constant chafing of buttons and certain fabrics against their skin. Undershirts are a soft and welcome respite from those itchy and stiff materials. It provides them with a layer of comfort that allows them to flaunt their fashions with zero self-doubts.

The purpose of wearing undershirts NGwear

Undershirts have been a regular apparel choice for many and have been around for more than a century, what with the army and navy using them as flexible and comfortable clothing upon which they could strap their suits and gears. In modern times though, undershirts have become a popular fashion go to for those willing to try new looks and outfits without being self-conscious and comfortable at the same time. Whether it be to avoid sweat stains, camouflage or comfort there’s no refuting an undershirts importance in everyday wear.  If you liked this article, Check how to keep cool in office.

The Benefits Of Using An Undershirt To Stop Sweating At Work

The Benefits Of Using An Undershirt To Stop Sweating At Work

Sweat is your worst enemy, probably and it is even worse at work. You have tried a thousand different ways to save yourself from its wrath but it has been of no help. Excessive sweating can be caused due to stress and nervousness as well. And leading further, it can harm your self-confidence to a large extent. You try your best not to end up in an embarrassing situation where a colleague might notice your sweat patches, making you feel dreadful. Even with all the helpful ways and methods, nothing concrete has yet saved you from your sweating nightmares. And this could potentially ruin your whole day in a second. Excessive sweating can happen due to a number of reasons, starting from your diet or just your regular body mechanism. You might be taking several showers to cool yourself down to save yourself from an embarrassing encounter but nothing seems to help. You might think there is no way that you could get rid of this annoying thing which has been making your days the worst ones for ages. Fret not, surf through some ways by which a sweat proof undershirt can help you control your sweating at work.


Breathability Of The Undershirt

The material of the undershirt can determine the breathability factor of the cloth. The better the absorption rate of the material, the better it acts to save you from your frustrating sweat. This can help you from overheating and sweating excessively. Cotton undershirts can get heavy at times, causing you to sweat even more. This could make your situation even worse than before.

The warmth of your body needs to be kept away from you, else it results in raising the temperature of your body and makes you sweat even more. The conventional cotton shirts that you regularly prefer can do more damage than help, they do not help with your body heat and cause you to sweat excessively. Try NGwear’s anti sweat undershirt that can go a long way to help you keep your sweat at bay. The material of the cloth ensures that your sweat does not bother you in any way. This could help you have a fresh and cool day at your office rather than making you sweat out of stress even more. The materials in a sweat proof undershirt are very thin and are much more breathable than cotton. And individuals who have regularly used these shirts ensure that they do not even feel the fabric on them, it is completely comfortable on all grounds. It does not feel heavy or irritating to wear.


The Soaking Nature Of The Sweat Proof Undershirt

When the weather is harsh on you, it can put a negative impact on your body. And the body’s defense mechanism to make you cool down in a warm temperature is to sweat. This can cause many annoying problems for you. You might have an important meeting to attend and your sweat has made your self-confidence totally down. You might be stressing out about the sweat marks on your shirt and more. This can lead to excessive sweating, creating a worse situation for you.

When you have an important meeting to attend and you have been profusely sweating like anything, it might be a problem. You can try NGwear’s sweat proof undershirt, which guarantees you perfect results. It can be an amazing savior and could save you from an embarrassing encounter. With this on you, you don’t have to worry about sweating out of your shirt. It keeps your outer shirt totally sweat free. Without that, your shirt might be soaking wet within a matter of minutes. The material of these anti sweat undershirts can help to soak the sweat to a large extent. It can readily absorb a large amount of sweat saving you from many hindrances.

Now you can go about your day without worrying about sweating, we have got you covered with the NGwear’s sweat proof undershirt. Get your hands on the ultimate option to keep your sweat at bay. Choose to feel confident and fresh any time of the way without fretting about excessively sweating. Here are a few reasons why every business person needs a sweat shield shirt.

Nervous Sweats – 7 Effective Means of Remedy

Nervous Sweats – 7 Effective Means of Remedy

Do you sweat heavily before a big presentation? Have you found yourself in sweat puddles right ahead of a date? Does nervousness open a sweating waterfall? If you answer in affirmative, then you have the problem of nervous sweats. Sweating is a naturally phenomenon. But there are certain situations which trigger heavy sweating. Nervousness is one of the feelings which causes your sweat glands to function rapidly. It can have ruinous consequences. Many people who suffer from hyperhidrosis or sweat heavily direly wish to get rid of nervous sweating.

There are so many downsides of this problem. You can ruin a presentation or a date or any other important occasion with sweat endlessly dripping down your forehead. On top of this, nervous sweats cause adversely affect your entire body. The temperature goes up. There is a feeling of fatigue. You lose focus.

Do not lose hope. There are solutions for this problem. In order to avoid heavy sweating before and during important occasions, use the following remedies.



Reduce Anxiety and Nervousness

The number one step towards controlling nervous sweats is by controlling your mental state. You cannot expect to stop the sweating while you continue to feel nervous. Relax your mind and calm down your senses before the big occasion. Deep breathing is a helpful technique. You can also employ muscle relaxation for the same. Listening to your favourite music will greatly help in the process of relaxation. Instead of focusing on the results, think positive.


Sweat Resistant Undershirt

A large part of the problem of nervous sweats is your uncontrolled sweating itself. Sweating leads to wet armpits and body odour. This may make you nervous and anxious about embarrassment. Therefore, you need to address the problem of sweating to get the solution. Wearing a sweatproof undershirt will work the right way. Buy NGwear’s sweat-resistant undershirt to get rid of nervous sweats. It will eliminate the cycle of nervous sweating altogether. With this undershirt, you do not have to worry about your sweating at all.



Stay Hydrated

You sweat more when your body is dehydrated. Lack of hydration leads to your body sweating more than usual. It is because the body requires to cool down. Nervousness will also cause dryness in the mouth. Both these situations call for more water. Drink as much water as possible to steer clear of nervous sweats. Water is a good remedy for sweating in high-stake situations.


Avoid Stressors of Nervous Sweats

There are certain things that trigger your sweat glands. These elements lead to more sweating. In case you have a big occasion coming up, you may want to stay away from these stressors. These will cause an increase in nervous sweats. Alcohol and cigarettes are the most common stress triggers. Hot beverages as well as hot and spicy food also cause excessive sweating. Make sure you do not consume these before your important meeting or occasion.



Use Antiperspirant a Night Before

When you leave antiperspirants on your armpits overnight, it becomes more effective. Night time is the best for the activation of the aluminium content in antiperspirants. It will not wear off during your morning bath. You can go for your meeting or date without worrying about the sweat or stains with this hack.


Wear the Right Fabric

Different kinds of fabric work differently for nervous sweats. If you wear a synthetic material, it will probably accelerate the sweating levels. On the contrary, natural materials like cotton and bamboo are good sweat-repellents. They absorb a good amount of sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable. These clothes will also save you the embarrassment of staining or wetness. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay away from synthetic clothes like polyester and linen. Cotton shirts are the most well-suited for nerve-wracking situations.


Sweatblock Towelettes

You can use sweatblock towelettes to tackle the armpit sweat situation. It will keep the sweat away at a considerably great pace. You should get some towelettes on-hand at your office to deal with nervous sweats before the presentation. It will also enhance your confidence before the meeting with controlled sweating.

Stressful situations can really get the better of you. Sweating heavily is a real bummer. You are constantly conscious of armpit wetness or yellow stains or sweat beads on the forehead. It leads to underperformance. Follow these remedies to treat the problem of nervous sweats. It will effectively control your sweating levels. On top of that, these hacks will also help you improve your confidence.

Read more to know the remedies for yellow stains.

6 Sweat-Generating Habits that Increase Perspiration

6 Sweat-Generating Habits that Increase Perspiration

Sweating occurs differently for different people. There are many people who sweat excessively. Some of us sweat more than normal due to hyperhidrosis. Some others sweat heavily due to our lifestyle routines. There are a few sweat-generating habits that cause you to perspire excessively at any time of the day. Discussed below are some of these activities that can leave you in puddles of sweat if pursued habitually.


Consumption of Caffeine

Do you believe that your coffee routine can activate your sweat glands? The sad answer is yes. Consumption of caffeine is one of the many unknown sweat-generating habits. The presence of caffeine in drinks like coffee is the cause of the activation of the central nervous system. Once you stimulate this system, your sweat glands start producing sweat in heavy amounts.

In case you are drinking a hot drink, the perspiration is only increased to a greater extent. The high temperature of hot drinks creates an even stimulating environment for sweating in your body. For those who sweat excessively, consuming caffeine with high temperatures is a matter of danger. You can control the excess of your sweat with control on caffeine consumption.


Feelings of Anger and Anxiety

It is true what they say about the hotheads, anger boils the blood and creates more sweat. In a state of anger, the body reacts with the release of stress hormones. With the secretion of these hormones, there is a concomitant increase in the blood pressure, heart beat, and body temperature. It is, then, obvious that you will perspire heavily.

Similarly, the feelings of anxiety or fear trigger these hormones in the body. Your nervousness causes you to sweat more. This is the reason why your arms and forehead are wet with sweat before you go for a major event. These are some of the very natural causes of sweat inducement. You can either try to reduce your emotions of anger and anxiety or resort to the NG wear sweatproof undershirt for better sweat control.


Alcohol Intake

One of the most commonly known sweat-generating habits is the consumption of alcohol. The intake of alcohol and the production of sweat is linked with the process of vasodilation. When you drink liquor, your skin blood vessels expand. There is a consequent increase in the body temperature. This is the vasodilation process wherein your bran responds with the activation of sweat glands.

This does not, however, mean that all alcohol consumption is a cause of heavy perspiration. The process of vasodilation takes place only at the level of intoxication. Therefore, if you drink within the limits of toxicity, you are saving yourself from sweat attacks. Drinking without control obviously has its downsides. Try to consume alcohol in an organized way to tackle excessive sweating.


Eating Excessive Heat and Spice in Food

Have you experienced a sweat attack immediately after your tongue made contact with wasabi? Did the same happened with hot wings? If the answer is yes, then hot and spicy food is not for you. Just like hot beverages, heated foods with heavy spice content also provoke the sweat glands to work in full force. It is another one of the unknown sweat-generating habits you have.

Consuming spicy food gives your brain the signal for activating the nervous system. It makes your body believe that there is a rise in the temperature. After the nervous system is activated, your sweat glands drown you in an ocean of sweat. If you want to practise sweat-control, it is better to reduce the consumption of hot and spicy foods.


Indulging in Smoking

Cigarettes, as we all are aware, is a thoroughly unhealthy product. Apart from its numerous harms to the body, smoking is also one of the sweat-generating habits. Intake of nicotine produces a chemical which increases your heart beat. With a quick beating heart, you get an increased blood pressure and body temperature. The direct consequence of this is the activation of your sweat glands. Before you know it, you are down and dead in sweat. A hiatus in the consumption of nicotine also produces heavy perspiration. However, its aftereffects vanish once you stop altogether.


Synthetic Clothes

Clothes made of synthetic fabric are a primary cause of sweat production. Synthetic fabrics do not allow the body sweat to evaporate. They are, therefore, stuck inside your body creating stains and odour. Instead of wearing synthetic fabrics like polyester, you should choose to wear NG Wear’s anti-sweat undershirt. Its 100% cotton composition allows your body to control sweat production and save your clothes from getting stained.

If you are looking for reasons why you sweat so heavily, these sweat-generating habits are the probable causes. Read more to know about why do we sweat.

Sweat Proof Undershirts is the Remedy for Underarm Sweat

Sweat Proof Undershirts is the Remedy for Underarm Sweat

It is no unknown fact that the biggest drawback of sweating is the embarrassing underarm sweat marks on your clothes. You can dry off the sweat from your hands and feet and wipe it off from your face and head. But the stains of underarm sweat remain as to tell the humiliating tale of your excessive sweating in the armpits. Instead of wasting your money and energy on failed methods, it is high time you invest in a sweat proof undershirt to tackle excessive sweat.

Underarm sweat is a common occurrence amid all, apart from being a regular affair for hyperhidrosis patients. Research has proven that excessive sweating in the armpits happens to everyone once in a while. Sweating is a natural activity, after all. It only gets disastrous when the sweat begins to show on your clothing and blots it with repelling sweat marks. These wet patches of sweat can cost you gravely. A stain or mark of sweat is improper for your outfit and adversely impacts your public image. In the case of workplace meetings, sweating and stains are a real bummer. Similar can be the case for a date with a special someone. The problem is even more severe if you are an athlete or a fitness trainer. Underarm sweat can potentially ruin some special moments of your life alongside harming your routine lifestyle.

These real-life problems have given us the incentive to create our anti-sweat undershirts. These are designed and developed with special technology to give you the ultimate remedy for your armpit marks. Unlike ordinary undershirts, our products involve the use of advanced means to produce amazing results. It is a proven scientific solution in the form of a tee to rid you of your ugly sweat marks.

What Makes The NG Wear Tee Stand Out?

We are introducing you to India’s first ever sweat resistant undershirts with promised results for your lifestyle. It can be really difficult to deal with uncontrolled sweating on a routine basis. The situation is worsened when the sweat leaves marks at places like underarms. Our undershirt offers you the best solution.

Built with a combination of comfort and style, NG Wear’s sweatshirts prevent staining of your clothes alongside odor control. With its strong absorptive quality, it gives you the edge of staying fresh and confident all day while offering suitable breathability. While other brands bring you their temporary sweatproof products, we have our tried, tested, and guaranteed sweat proof undershirts.

Our shirts are made with 4 thin layers of clothing and you get the definitive dry experience with it. Their micro modal fabric gives them the strength to absorb all sweat for a long duration. These two features combine to provide you with a dry and sweat-free day. You can totally leave your worries about any sweat marks. In addition to this, our anti –sweat undershirts contain spandex. It adds to their stretching capacity and fitness.


How Does the NG Wear Tee Tackle Underarm Sweat?

We have used innovative technology to make our shirts the best in the market. Their efficient build-up prevents sweating along with stabilizing your body temperature in situations of excessive heat. The fabric has silver attached to its fabric. This is beneficial in keeping your body temperature high during cold weather and low during hot days. The fabric is not just ultra-stylish but also ultra-soft and ultra-thin. Its low weight fabric is waterproof and comforting, aimed at decreasing your sweat levels and reducing the consequent staining. It is skin-friendly as well as fit-sized.

Assurance of Quality

NG Wear sweat proof undershirts are crafted with utmost care and sureness. Their quality is unmatchable in the current market. You get a tee that brings you several benefits for a long period of time. In case you think your underarm sweat will harm the shirt’s quality, you are wrong. The fabric for these undershirts will serve the test of time and guarantees a long life. You can wash these shirts in machines and put them in dryers without any fear. Their manufacturing enables them to fight odor, wetness, and continuous washing for your comfort. With these advanced capabilities and supreme comfort, it is time that you invest your money in these sweat proof undershirts.

Forget worrying about your underarm sweat level and marks. With the NG Wear undershirts, armpit marks of sweat are a thing of the bygone days. Stay confident and fresh with this technologically designed undershirt. Read here to know about the ways to deal with yellow stains on your clothes.