Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt

Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt

Are you planning to buy an undershirt? If yes, you are making a wise choice! Undershirts are great in a lot of ways. They manage your problem of excessive sweating. However, you do have a lot of options available in the market. All of those will undoubtedly confuse you to a great extent because all of them have a lot to offer you. It is absolutely easy for you to make the wrong decision. So, this article will certainly help you in saving yourself from getting lost in the wide market. Read along the article to find out what to buy and where to buy.

Points to Consider

Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt NGwearAn undershirt shopping is very much different from what you regularly do. You must take care of a few points before actually buying your undershirt. Here is a list of things you must consider before purchasing an undershirt. These are:

Your Problematic Area

Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt NGwearBefore buying an undershirt, you must be really aware of your problem areas. As the sweat-proof garment is meant to target the areas you have a problem. So, if you face excessive sweating in your underarms, then, you must buy an undershirt that covers the underarm area.

Choosing the Appropriate Sales Channel

The best selling channel is the brands that have their store either online or in your local market. Picking up undershirts from brands that are selling through a third party channel is never appreciable. You can pick up the perfect undershirt from NGwear. We do have an extremely brilliant quality of undershirts.

Performance of the Undershirt

Your undershirt must fulfill your requirement. Otherwise, buying it would a complete waste of money. There are some undershirts that are just tagged as sweat proof and do not show even a single good result. So, in order to avoid such a situation, you must look for some review of the product. Ideally, an undershirt does not let sweat patches to come over your clothes. So, if your undershirt is good at hiding the stains. This means you have made the right choice.

Odor Resistant

   Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt NGwearThis is one of the most important things that you must take care of. Nobody likes bad body odor. It certainly makes you feel bad about your self. However, most sweat proof undershirts are designed to resist body odor. So, you must choose a product that completely prevents body odor. Preventing body odor is as important as preventing sweat patches from your clothes. There are certain Undershirts available in the market that successfully hides your sweat patches. But, they often fail in preventing the bad sweaty odor. However, if you have already bought an undershirt that doesn’t prevent body odor. You can definitely go for other options to prevent body odor.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Are you aware of the right fabric of an undershirt? Undershirts are generally made of either Cotton, Modal or Micro Modal fabric. One of the major reason behind choosing the fabric is that they make a brilliant sweat-proof undershirt. But, some brands use other fabrics as well. Your good experience totally depends on the type of fabric you choose. So, making a wise choice becomes really important here. Cotton fabrics aren’t loved much. It happens for a simple reason that they hardly last longer than 4 washes. You must invest in fabric that is much durable. Modal fabric is highly recommended.

The Price of the Undershirt

Well, undoubtedly price is one of the major factors we all consider without even being advised to. You can easily get a normal undershirt for $3 per piece. But if you are jumping in for a sweat proof undershirt. Then you must know that the price of a sweat proof undershirt is no way near to that. A sweat-proof undershirt costs somewhere around $25- $40. The price depends on the type of fabric you choose.

Money Back Guarantee

You must look for this option whenever you are buying a sweat proof undershirt. Most companies are not really aware of the tools to curate a sweat proof undershirt. But, thankfully the money back guarantee solves all such problems.

You may also consider other factors like shipping and the validity of refund.

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Chronic Sweating: All Questions Answered

Chronic Sweating: All Questions Answered

Sweating is a natural bodily process. It is helpful in hydrating your body. The heat can cause anyone and everyone to sweat a little. But there exists a fine line of distinction between normal sweating and chronic sweating, the latter being a medical condition. If you are concerned about your continuous sweating condition, then you need to read further for an explanation and solutions.


The Struggles of Chronic Sweating

Despite being a natural occurrence, sweat is considered off-putting and works best as a people repellent. When it comes to the problem of chronic sweating, the struggle is as real as it can get. You will relate to the following if you have inexplicable sweat problems:

  • You have to constantly change your clothes due to horrible sweat patches. Or you are perennially stuck in the loop between your work desk and the bathroom to dry off the sweat all over your body. It takes a real toll on your efficiency.
  • You are a big ball of sweat when you are faced with nervous scenarios such as a date or a presentation. The nerves get to you and make you sweat like a melting glacier, ruining your moment of glory.


Signs of Chronic Sweating

If you have experienced the above cases, then you definitely sweat more than the normal. Listed below are the symptoms of chronic sweating that require medical attention:

  • You face incidences of sudden sweat, at least once every 6 months.
  • Sweating extremely only in a particular body part like armpits, back, or any other.
  • Frequent sweat marks on your clothes.
  • Prone to sweating extra in public situations.
  • A sweat problem since infancy and your family has similar issues.

Health Symptoms and Problems of Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is oftentimes only a medical condition and does not project any dangers to your health. However, sweat-related health problems should be diagnosed and treated immediately. The following cases indicate a health concern caused due to chronic sweating and call for medical assessment:

Weight Loss

Are you losing weight due to excessive sweat release? Seek medical advice for this condition. A condition of weight loss accompanied by chronic sweating is symptomatic of depression, hyperthyroidism, or other problem.

Frequent Night Sweats

Regular instances of night sweats also indicate a health issue. If you wake up with a sweat attack in the night, it might be a sign of hypoglycemia, tuberculosis, hormonal conditions, or menopause. It is also caused due to a condition of hyperhidrosis.

Fever, Chest Pain, and More

Do symptoms like shortness of breath, pain in the chest or fever occur alongside chronic sweating? If yes, then it signals at heart diseases, anemia, and other medical conditions.

If you do not experience any of the above-listed symptoms, then you have a case of hyperhidrosis.

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis

When you face extreme amounts of sweat focused only in a single body area, it is a condition of primary focal hyperhidrosis. It is when you sweat accumulates in your hands or feet or back for no reason at all. You can avail treatment for this condition through antiperspirants, surgery, Botox, along with other options.

Secondary Generalized Hyperhidrosis

This condition occurs when excessive sweating is a concomitant of sweat-related health problems. Some of the common diseases that cause extreme sweat spells are:

  • Hyperthyroidism: due to an unwarranted production of thyroid hormones.
  • Adrenal gland disorders: due to production problems in adrenal hormones like cortisol.
  • Andropause: due to the reduction in testosterone amounts.
  • Perimenopause: due to the reduction in the level of estrogen before menopause.
  • Diabetes: due to inability to create insulin.
  • Parkinson’s: due to brain disorder affecting body activities.


Diagnosis of Excessive Sweating

The key to treatment is identification. Doctors identify the condition of chronic sweating through questioning and medical check-ups.  You need to answer certain questions related to your sweat activities. The doctor will then perform certain tests such as the blood and urine test, starch-iodine test, paper test, and more. These tests help them diagnose your condition of sweating and allow a better treatment procedure.


Treatment Alternatives

While there are many options for treating sweat-related health problems, deciding the most suitable alternative is difficult. Here are some alternatives that you can look out for:


Heavy-duty antiperspirants offer a great means to tackle excessive sweating in armpits. Commercial products provide chemically strengthened deodorants for better results. You can also consider natural antiperspirants if you wish to stay away from chemicals.

Medicinal Help

Some of the widely preferred medicines for sweat treatment are anticholinergics coupled with beta blockers. miraDry is another non-surgical process to treat your armpits.

NG Wear Tee

A safer and less expensive medium of curbing your sweat issues is the NG Wear sweat-proof tee. It is capable of blocking sweat from staining your clothes. People with or without hyperhidrosis can keep their worries about sweating at bay with this t-shirt.

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