Sweating Through Your Undershirt Too? Here’s Why!

Sweating Through Your Undershirt Too? Here’s Why!

Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down and getting rid of toxins. Sweating at places like the gym or a sauna is good. However, if you are sweating on a date or at a workplace, you might want to look into it. Our daily life routines are full of adrenaline rushes, deadlines, crampy public transports, and stressful environments. Sweating under such circumstances is entirely natural. However, there are a few efficient ways for you to stay cool and sweat free no matter what you are going through. One such efficient method is to wear an undershirt. Behind every fine looking shirt, there is an undershirt. But some folks happen to sweat through their undershirts too! If you are facing such an issue, you are in the right place. Here are some reasons why you are sweating through your undershirt and how to avoid them.


1. Wearing the wrong size

You are probably wearing an undershirt which is either too loose or too tight for you. Wearing a very tight undershirt makes it easier for the sweat to seep through and get to your shirt easily. A loose one is barely effective because it is of no help. Try to purchase undershirts which fit you right.


2. Improper handling of the undershirt

Undershirts need to be taken care of properly. They just can’t be tossed into the washing machine and back on like casual T-shirts. Improper handling may prevent your undershirt from keeping you sweat free. When wearing your undershirt before it is completely dry after washing, it will not hold much sweat. Similarly, dry cleaning and ironing your undershirts will also cause harm. Direct contact with chemicals and heat which are intense can damage the sweat proof mechanism. You should handle your undershirt properly for effective performance. Here are some simple steps to take better care of your undershirt, – Always machine-wash your undershirt in cold or warm water. – Do not dry clean your undershirts – Avoid ironing your undershirts – Do not use bleach on your undershirts.


 3. Scrutinize your diet

Sweating Through Your Undershirt Too? Here's Why! NGwear

A lot of physical problems can be fixed easily by monitoring what you eat. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” closely watch what type of food you are eating. A lot of foods which you consume daily might have sweat triggers which will make you look like a walking puddle. Binging on things like alcohol, spicy food, coffee, and other warming foods can raise your body temperature. Hence, it will make you sweat in excess. If you can’t cut down on your diet too much, make sure you cool your body by taking adequate measures. Drink plenty of water and consume foods which keep your body fresh. Staying hydrated will keep your body cool. Try not to aggravate your body’s temperature by consuming foods which warm you up too much.


4. Seek for medical aid

If you are sweating too much, it could be a sign of diaphoresis and hyperhidrosis. If you are unaware of these two conditions, read on to know more.

  • Diaphoresis

It is the term used to describe an abnormal and excessive amount of sweat produced concerning your environment and day to day activities. It is usually a symptom for some underlying health condition. Diaphoresis can be caused by the intake of certain medication as well. There are many conditions as to why it is caused. You should consult a doctor to check what might be your causative agent.

  • Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is also related to excessive sweating, but it’s listed as a nervous system disorder. In this, sweating is generally limited just to the hands or feet. This condition arises when the thyroid gland is overactive and produces thyroxine in excess. You may also experience – trembling hands, sleeping difficulties, loss of weight, anxiety, and nervousness. Though it is not a medical emergency, it is better you consult a doctor and get necessary aid to keep the situation under control.


5. Use antiperspirants instead of deodorants

Sweating Through Your Undershirt Too? Here's Why! NGwear

Deodorants do not prevent sweat. This is a widespread misconception. Deodorants are only aimed at masking the foul smell caused by sweat. However, antiperspirants work by blocking the ducts which secrete sweat. The sweat is still produced by the glands, but they are barred from reaching the surface by the Antiperspirants. Certain antiperspirants contain deodorants too. In that case, you can block sweat and smell nice. To get the best results, apply antiperspirants on clean and dry underarms.


  6. Purchase effective undershirts.

There is a good chance that the undershirt you are sporting is defective. Many brands claim to keep you sweat free and fresh looking always. But they are not as effective as they claim to be. Try using NG wear. It is India’s first sweat proof undershirt. The undershirts have four layers which deliver the best amount of comfort and dryness. The undershirts combined with spandex give a good fit and also come with antiperspirants. Following the above listed will surely help you be sweat stain free. Stay fresh!



Food Habits That Can Help Reduce The Issue Of Excessive Sweating

Food Habits That Can Help Reduce The Issue Of Excessive Sweating

There are tons of ways you choose to deal with your sweat. But one of the top culprits that you ignore creeps up to make even more trouble. Have you ever thought of managing your diet? Your body’s temperature can be extensively affected by the kind of food habits you have. The digestion process can lead you to sweat, even more, making you have to deal with the embarrassing sweat patches and more. With the hard to let go days of sweating, making you take double showers and a pool of antiperspirants, it is a never-ending cycle. The simple solution is to choose foods that will help ease the process of digestion. When the extra stressful days hit, deal with the excessive sweat with some healthy food habits.

Water Is The Savior

Well, this is an easy choice. Your body keeps its temperature down with the help of water. So, hydrate your body properly. When you are heated up, the body generates sweat as a mechanism to lower the body temperature. This leads you to drown in that pool of sweat. Make sure to keep a bottle beside you at all times to ensure that your body is hydrated with a proper amount throughout the day.

Fruits and Vegetables come to the rescue with their high water content. There are different sources of water that could help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Start including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet which will help you reduce your sweat levels. Many of those include Eggplants, Peppers, Spinach, Cauliflowers, and Broccoli. Fruits like watermelon and grapes are also full of water and fiber, inculcating them as a part of your routinely food habits will help you to ease your digestion while simultaneously helping you to keep your sweating at bay. This improves the overall metabolic function of your body, leading to a better and healthy life as well.


Go For Calcium Rich Food Such As Dairy Products

Calcium is an essential mineral which is a driving factor to regular the temperature of your body. It helps to lower your sweat levels. The simple way to increase the intake of calcium in your diet is to start having dairy-based products like cheese, eggs, or even yogurt. You can carry the yogurt to work even which will help you stay cool throughout the day. This gives you an extra layer of sweat protection.


Olive Oil

Olive oil readily improves your metabolism by improving your digestion. The better your digestion process, the better is your body’s temperature regulation. Making olive oil a part of your food habits can significantly decrease your sweating potential and could save you from any kind of embarrassing encounter.


High In Fiber

Oats are super rich in fibers and they provide less fat and your body can easily digest it. This decreases the stress on your body and hence improving your body’s metabolic rate which then secretes less sweat.


Magnesium To The Power

Almonds are rich in magnesium and they essentially help in digestion while simultaneously helping your immune system. Some other foods which are rich in magnesium include spinach, pumpkins, and soya beans. They can help you deal with your excessive amount of sweat.


Whey And Sweet Potatoes

Whey contains L-glutamine and tryptophan which helps you to calm down in stressful situations. This helps your nervous system to great extents and in turn, it helps to keep the nervous sweats at bay. Along with that, food habits like these also help in proper digestion, which is yet another amazing helpful feature to fight your sweat. Sweet potatoes are a bundled pack of essential as well, they help to keep your stress down while simultaneously reducing your blood pressure, thereby combating your sweat.


Potassium In Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium, it is an essential electrolyte that keeps your body hydrated. Along with other nutrients such as magnesium and even Vitamin B6, it helps you to lead a healthier life with better digestion.


Green Tea And Its Essentials

Green tea is famously known for its calming effects, it helps your nervous system and keeps your sweat levels low. If you really want to prevent any excessive signs of sweating, then start sipping green tea.

For more ways that could help you keep your sweat at bay, you can use anti sweat undershirts by NGwear, which provide double protection against sweat. These amazing sweat shielding undershirts can help you fight the annoying sweat to keep you cool and fresh the whole day. Include these things in your daily food habits and you will notice a difference in your issue of excessive sweating. apart from these food habits, here are a few ways to dress this summer that can also help keep your sweat at bay.

DIY Sweat Pads – 4 Types and Reasons to Avoid Them

DIY Sweat Pads – 4 Types and Reasons to Avoid Them

Sweating is a completely different process for those who sweat excessively. It is an unwanted burden, something to get rid of. Excessive sweaters are always looking for ways to avoid the embarrassment of wet armpits and sweaty forehead in public outings. DIY sweat pads are one of these ways that they employ for escaping sweat marks and odour. But their effectiveness is a big question mark. Excessive sweaters have tried various kinds of these pads without any real results. Here are 4 different tactics of DIY pads and why you should avoid them.


Paper Towels as DIY Sweat Pads

It’s true that people stuff their underarms with paper towels to keep the sweat from showing. This tactic is as far away from being effective as it possibly can be. The absorbency of paper towels is next to null. Therefore, when you put these in your underarms, they become wet in no time. You have to excuse yourself to the washroom to change them from time to time. This regular visit to the loo is not only time-consuming but also affects your productivity.

In addition to all the discomfort paper towels offer, they also cause yellow stains. Sweat marks ruin your expensive clothes and act as people-repellents for you. So, if you do not wish to make sweating all the more humiliating, avoid paper towels as DIY sweat pads.



Maxi Pads on the Shirt

Many people stick maxi pads on their shirt’s interior to work as DIY sweat pads. Bad idea. A maxi pad does not function properly if it is not properly stuck to the underarm. Excessive sweating will obviously loosen the grip and move the pad from its position. In such case, a maxi pad proves totally ineffective. On top of that, maxi pads absorb sweat quickly and fill up. Once they are full, you have to either change them or move around with heavy wetness in your pits. This, again, requires you to leave work and visit the washroom time and again.

At the end of the day, when you finally take off the pad, there are good chances that it will rip off your fabric. It also leaves its adhesive on the shirt, ruining it forever. If you do not wish to damage your wardrobe and worsen your sweating problem, avoid sticking maxi pads to your shirt.



Maxi Pads on the Underarms

An even worse DIY sweat pads tactic is to stick the maxi pads directly to the armpits. The adhesive is really sticky in the beginning. It is sure to cause uneasiness and itching in the pits. Again, it fills up real quick and loses its grip. There is the added trouble of changing it after regular intervals. But when you get the pad off your underarms, it will rip off your hair this time. It works as a waxing pad used without proper care. Continuous use of these DIY sweat pads can lead to skin discolouration, rashes, and other similar problems.


Socks and Trash Bags

This happens in real. People pin socks and trash bags to their shirt in order to avoid sweat marks and wetness. There is a time when the wish to get rid of underarm wetness just turns into desperation. When all measures fail, sweaters resort to socks for the rescue. But, it is a nightmare in reality. Socks absorb all the sweat without allowing any evaporation. So, all the sweat is collected inside the sock and you carry it around throughout the day. Trash bags, on the other hand, create more heat in your armpits. Consequently, the sweating increases without any means to stop it.





NGwear Anti-Sweat Undershirt

These DIY sweat pads are no good. They work towards increasing your sweat issues rather than curing them. You are really wasting your efforts in using these ways for sweat control.

What you really need to get rid of sweat marks and odour is something lasting and effective without side effects. NGwear’s sweatproof undershirt is the perfect solution. Be it work or a party or any social gathering, this sweat-resistant shirt is to your rescue anytime. Save your clothes from yellow stains and ripping off. Save your skin from any harmful effects. Stay dry and comfortable throughout the day with this sweatproof undershirt that is first in India. It will absorb all sweat and evaporate without making you feel a thing. With NGwear’s sweatshirt, wet underarms are a thing of the past.

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Efficient Sweating to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat

Efficient Sweating to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat

Summers can get the better of you. There are days when the temperature is just out of bounds and your body fails you. Different people react differently to heat with respect to their sweating levels. Some of us hardly sweat a drop even in the most scorching conditions. Some others, at the same time, drown in a little sweat pool of our own. If you find yourself sweating bullets the moment you step outside, you need to practise efficient sweating.

There are not many ways you can control the process of sweating. A number of factors influence and determine the amounts of sweat you produce. But sweating efficiently allows you to stay cool and dry without creating any puddles of water. This practice will help you tackle the summer heat in better ways.



Body Adjustment to Heat

The process through which your body deals with the temperature is known as acclimatization. This process is significant in managing your sweat levels during heat. It plays an important role in helping your body practice efficient sweating in a hot environment.

When you spend more time in heat, your body becomes increasingly habitual to it. Spending more time in high temperatures renders your body insensitive to sweating. With this increases your endurance against hot surroundings, resulting in efficient sweating. But this practice does not lead to any reduction in your sweat levels. On the contrary, it makes you sweat more. What makes efficient sweating stand out from usual perspiration is its ability to make you feel calm and composed. It does not rob you off your energy or confidence. You sweat evenly throughout the body, avoiding concentrated wetness in particular zones.

Some other factors that shape your body’s adjustment to heat are as follows:



Genes affect your sweat levels. Your genetic structure influences the amount of sweat your body produces. Different body parts may produce different levels of sweat depending upon the brain’s response to it. It is on how your glands react to the temperature you are in.




When it comes to efficient sweating, individuals with less weight are better off than overweight people. This process occurs due to the inversely proportional relationship between weight and skin surface area. With increase in weight, there is less skin surface area for sweat to evaporate. Therefore, fat people find themselves in puddles of sweat in heated atmospheres.



The rate at which your body cells convert food into energy also determines your adjustment to heat and sweat. Those who have a strong metabolism tend to feel more heat and, therefore, sweat more. Those with lower rate of metabolism feel less affected by the hot environment.



The difference in temperatures inside and outside is another chief factor for your bodily adjustment to sweat. If the indoor temperature is less in comparison to outdoors, you will feel more heated than usual. It will make it difficult for you to adjust in the hot conditions outside.


Practise Efficient Sweating

There are no ways through which you can control your genetic build and the concomitant reaction to heat. Similarly, your metabolism also remains out of your hand. But there are many other ways that you can follow to help your body sweat in an efficient manner.



Heat Exposure

The foremost step you can take in this direction is to expose yourself to heat. The more you take in heat, the more your bodily endurance increases. It reaches to a level wherein the body becomes insensitive to heat. With this, your sweating does not adversely affect your body physically in the form of fatigue or other symptoms. You can practise this by working out in the sun. Sit through the heat or meditate under the sun and see your body become shielded against sweating.


Lose Weight

Weight loss is another medium of achieving efficient sweating. With more weight, there is more sweating. Therefore, you can exercise and follow a diet to control your weight for sweat control. it will greatly impact your body’s response to high temperatures. Additionally, you will also reduce your chances of getting hyperhidrosis.


NGwear Sweatproof Undershirt

This summer, it is time to embrace the heat and beat it with NGwear anti-sweat undershirt. You can practice efficient sweating donning our 100% cotton undershirt. It is made with the latest technology to absorb all sweat and make you feel dry and confident all day. You also get the comfort and style of a quality undershirt. Throw away your fear of the outdoor heat and enjoy yourself to the best.

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6 Sweat-Generating Habits that Increase Perspiration

6 Sweat-Generating Habits that Increase Perspiration

Sweating occurs differently for different people. There are many people who sweat excessively. Some of us sweat more than normal due to hyperhidrosis. Some others sweat heavily due to our lifestyle routines. There are a few sweat-generating habits that cause you to perspire excessively at any time of the day. Discussed below are some of these activities that can leave you in puddles of sweat if pursued habitually.


Consumption of Caffeine

Do you believe that your coffee routine can activate your sweat glands? The sad answer is yes. Consumption of caffeine is one of the many unknown sweat-generating habits. The presence of caffeine in drinks like coffee is the cause of the activation of the central nervous system. Once you stimulate this system, your sweat glands start producing sweat in heavy amounts.

In case you are drinking a hot drink, the perspiration is only increased to a greater extent. The high temperature of hot drinks creates an even stimulating environment for sweating in your body. For those who sweat excessively, consuming caffeine with high temperatures is a matter of danger. You can control the excess of your sweat with control on caffeine consumption.


Feelings of Anger and Anxiety

It is true what they say about the hotheads, anger boils the blood and creates more sweat. In a state of anger, the body reacts with the release of stress hormones. With the secretion of these hormones, there is a concomitant increase in the blood pressure, heart beat, and body temperature. It is, then, obvious that you will perspire heavily.

Similarly, the feelings of anxiety or fear trigger these hormones in the body. Your nervousness causes you to sweat more. This is the reason why your arms and forehead are wet with sweat before you go for a major event. These are some of the very natural causes of sweat inducement. You can either try to reduce your emotions of anger and anxiety or resort to the NG wear sweatproof undershirt for better sweat control.


Alcohol Intake

One of the most commonly known sweat-generating habits is the consumption of alcohol. The intake of alcohol and the production of sweat is linked with the process of vasodilation. When you drink liquor, your skin blood vessels expand. There is a consequent increase in the body temperature. This is the vasodilation process wherein your bran responds with the activation of sweat glands.

This does not, however, mean that all alcohol consumption is a cause of heavy perspiration. The process of vasodilation takes place only at the level of intoxication. Therefore, if you drink within the limits of toxicity, you are saving yourself from sweat attacks. Drinking without control obviously has its downsides. Try to consume alcohol in an organized way to tackle excessive sweating.


Eating Excessive Heat and Spice in Food

Have you experienced a sweat attack immediately after your tongue made contact with wasabi? Did the same happened with hot wings? If the answer is yes, then hot and spicy food is not for you. Just like hot beverages, heated foods with heavy spice content also provoke the sweat glands to work in full force. It is another one of the unknown sweat-generating habits you have.

Consuming spicy food gives your brain the signal for activating the nervous system. It makes your body believe that there is a rise in the temperature. After the nervous system is activated, your sweat glands drown you in an ocean of sweat. If you want to practise sweat-control, it is better to reduce the consumption of hot and spicy foods.


Indulging in Smoking

Cigarettes, as we all are aware, is a thoroughly unhealthy product. Apart from its numerous harms to the body, smoking is also one of the sweat-generating habits. Intake of nicotine produces a chemical which increases your heart beat. With a quick beating heart, you get an increased blood pressure and body temperature. The direct consequence of this is the activation of your sweat glands. Before you know it, you are down and dead in sweat. A hiatus in the consumption of nicotine also produces heavy perspiration. However, its aftereffects vanish once you stop altogether.


Synthetic Clothes

Clothes made of synthetic fabric are a primary cause of sweat production. Synthetic fabrics do not allow the body sweat to evaporate. They are, therefore, stuck inside your body creating stains and odour. Instead of wearing synthetic fabrics like polyester, you should choose to wear NG Wear’s anti-sweat undershirt. Its 100% cotton composition allows your body to control sweat production and save your clothes from getting stained.

If you are looking for reasons why you sweat so heavily, these sweat-generating habits are the probable causes. Read more to know about why do we sweat.