List of Worst Places to Sweat

List of Worst Places to Sweat

Sweating can be horrendous most of the times. However, sweating is one of the most important functions of the human body. If our body stops sweating, our body will certainly start overheating. As a result of which we will start feeling uncomfortable and land into a tub full of trouble. Sweating can be fine if you are performing some activity. You must sweat while working out, or weeding your garden or even while jogging. But, sweating can certainly land you into some embarrassing situations as well. They knock on the door like an unwanted guest. Here is a list of a few situations, where sweating can be way more than just embarrassing.

In a Business Meeting

List of Worst Places to Sweat NGwearBusiness meetings are always so important. It could be a game-changing thing for someone’s career. Think about a situation where you properly dressed and all set to give your presenting. Sweating excessively in such a situation is just so embarrassing. People might often associate your sweating issue with nervousness. As nervousness, underconfidence, stress is one of the major reason behind excessive sweating. Apart from just ruining your appearance, sweating can also hinder your presentation. As sweating often comes with a feeling of discomfort and self-consciousness.

On a Date

Dates are meant to be romantic, exciting and joyful. It doesn’t matter if you are going for the first time or sixth time. Sweating on a date can be embarrassing. Imaging is sitting on a date with your armpit sweat stain constantly growing. It might create an embarrassing situation for both of you. The other might even quickly lose their appetite. There are certain ways of controlling sweat. Make sure you do not order any spicy food during your date. It can certainly make the situation worst.

Meeting In-Laws

You and your partner are dating for quite a long time. Now you feel that it’s the right time to meet each other’s parents. Meeting with in-laws is one of the most crucial phases of life. You certainly want to look the best of you to make them believe that you are worthy for their child. Excessively sweating in such a situation is quite normal. As you may feel a little stressed about your appearance. But those underarm sweat patches can certainly create an embarrassing situation. However, staying confident and a little less stressful can save you from such embarrassing situations.

At a Job Interview

List of Worst Places to Sweat NGwear

First job interviews are always full of excitement. Major elements of the interview include your first impression and qualification. We cannot do much about the qualification but making a good impression is always in our hands. We want to dress like a gentleman and appear confident enough to please the interviewers. Looking all sweaty will be strict no by your side. Sweating can certainly create problems for you in such a situation. Interviewers might ignore sweat patches for once. But, it will make you self-conscious and nervous, ultimately you will lose your confidence. It will hinder your performance.

At a Client Meeting

The client meeting is yet another important chapter of a business person or a marketing employee. Client meeting occurs on a daily basis for a variety of purposes. If you are someone who interacts with various clients on a daily basis, then your appearance must be topping the priority list. Major Client decision depends on your appearance. Apart from that, sweating can certainly ruin your performance. Sweating can also make you look very unprofessional. You do not have any control over it, but it will create an embarrassing situation.

There is a lot of other situation where sweating can be extremely embarrassing. But, there are certain ways you can avoid situations. Undershirts are a great option if you have an excessive sweating habit. Undershirts can help you in hiding your underarm sweat patches. However, you should not feel embarrassed of sweating all the time. It is completely normal to sweat. If you feel that you are sweating abnormally, you can get it checked with a dermatologist. A course of medication will certainly cure your sweating problem. Until then, you can certainly take the help of undershirts to stay presentable in the aforementioned situation.

Anti-Odour Sweatshirts to Keep the Stink Away During Workouts

Anti-Odour Sweatshirts to Keep the Stink Away During Workouts

Working out is more of a trend today. More than the health benefits, people turn to the gym to get an aesthetic body. Whatever your reason for exercising may be, there is one definite outcome: sweat. Everyone, irrespective of hyperhidrosis, sweats during a gym session. Therefore, everyone in the gym is prone to body odour. While some people may mask the B.O. with deodorants, there are still many consequences for the gymming gear. Anti-odour shirts are advertised as the solution for your sweat situation during workouts. But they are really not the right answer.

Body odour produces bacteria which can damage your clothing. Besides, it leaves you feeling self-consciousness about the smell. Read ahead to find out the truth about how an anti-odour shirt tackles body odour.


The Mechanism of Anti-Odour Shirts

Anti-odour shirts are known to contain silver nanoparticles that fight off the body odour. They are advertised as the remedy for your sweating during the gym. In reality, on the contrary, silver is harmful for consumer use. There are a number of products that are marketed with the benefits of silver. Some of these are sunscreens, washing machines, batteries, and more. Companies advertise these products as containing silver, which stops bacterial growth.

The truth, however, remains that silver is harmful. Anti-odour shirts containing silver particles are not only unhealthy but also non-eco-friendly. Exposure to nanoparticles can cause discolouration of the skin. It also alters the DNA structure of the cells, posing harmful effects. Silver particles are also dangerous for the aquatic ecosystem. Increase in the use of anti-odour shirts made of silver nanoparticles can adversely affect the marine life as well.

In addition to their health benefits, silver nanoparticles do not work for a long term. The odour-proof shirts start to wear off after continuous washes. Therefore, the effect of the silver particles doe not last long, making all your money in vain.


Alternative Odour Control Solutions

Instead of wasting plenty of money on anti-odour shirts, you can look out for other effective ways. It will also help you save some money and frustration.

Body odour is a serious problem. For those who hit the gym daily, facing body odour regularly can prove damaging for the confidence level. Those who suffer from the condition of hyperhidrosis have an added problem to tackle. If you think you can get rid of B.O. with anti-odour shirts, then you are wrong. Nevertheless, if you are looking to find some other way of dealing with the issue, then you are at the right place.

Here are some ways you can find yourself the right solutions for odour control.


Stay Away from Silver

The first step is to stay as far away as possible from products with silver nanoparticles. As discussed above, silver is unhealthy and environmentally detrimental. It is best to avoid purchasing anything, clothing or cosmetics, that has silver as its ingredient. They can only inhibit bacteria for a short duration.


Say No to Synthetic Clothing

Another good way of odour control is to avoid synthetic clothing. Companies advertise their synthetic fabrics as the dry and cool clothes you need for the gym. But, they are quite the opposite. Synthetic materials are water-resistant. That implies that they do not absorb sweat, letting it flow, and make your body smelly. It will make you more prone to odour than help you tackle it.


Natural Remedies

There are several anti-odour solutions in your kitchen as well. A mixture of aspirin and tartar cream can get rid of sweat smell. You just have to make the paste and scrub it in your workout gear in the underarm region. Keep it for 20 minutes and rinse before wearing. Different items like baking soda, salt, and vinegar also work effectively for odour control. All these elements neutralize the odour. You have to follow the same procedure for these items.



Sweatproof Undershirt

Natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo are well-suited for absorbing sweat and minimizing odour. You can wear anything of your choice above the NGwear anti-sweat undershirt. Our proprietary sweat absorbing t-shirt is fully functional against the ridiculous body odour robbing you off your confidence. The sweat resistant undershirt is made with 100% cotton. It makes you feel dry and comfortable all-day long.

Don’t be afraid of body odour during gym sessions. Work out without any worries with these remedies. Keep yourself protected from the dangers of silver and save money. Read more to know about the ways to stop nervous sweating.

Stress and Anxiety: 6 Tested Tips to Counteract These Feelings

Stress and Anxiety: 6 Tested Tips to Counteract These Feelings

The feelings of anxiety and stress will be a daily guest in your path towards chasing your dreams. We use the words “stress” and “anxiety” alike in most cases. We substitute the two terms for each other, primarily because their symptoms such as increased heart rate, perspiration, and more overlay.

It is imperative to note that these emotions come from two distinct places. When one does not properly know the differences, the ability to cope with the matter is affected.


Stress vs Anxiety

In most of the cases, anxiety takes birth due to fear. Stress, on the other hand, is created in the human body due to worries. There are stress-causing elements present all around us, a due assignment, a meeting or maybe a research task submission.

When you talk about stress, you actually know what is making you worry. When you get ride of the reason, all the stress simultaneously disappears. But the thing with anxiety is that the point of worry remains even after its root is gone. The reactions from the equations of anxiety becomes a springboard for more problems.

Each one of us faces negative cycles of emotions where fear and anxiety are definite. Situations such as the fear of entering a meeting or lack of preparation for an exam create strong feelings of anxiety.


When Stress and Anxiety Combine

One may encounter anxiety in cases of awful nervousness. Anxiety disorders can form when feelings like these persist for a long time. Continuation for a longer time can lead to chronic diseases demanding medical assistance. Such diseases, if overlooked, can lead to health threats. The foremost thing to remember is that these feelings are elements of your mindscape. Discussed below are some ways you can help yourself to ground both anxiety & stress.



Notice your Moods & Their Origin

To solve the issue, one needs to accept anxiety. Understanding these feelings of unrest will actually help in the natural relaxation of the body. Once you find and accept the reason for your stress or anxiety, you become the ruler of your mind. You will find the ability to make the right decisions.


How you need to react to your problem

After you recognize what is bothering you, you need to decide in your conscious the coping mechanism for it. For example, if you fear your mathematics exam, try to control this fear. You will ace the test. If you are nervous about the sanction of the new tender, visualize a successful meeting. When you acknowledge the contrast to your stress, you can surely reduce the effect.


Write A Precise & Actionable To-Do List

Time is money; only that there is not enough of it. As a result, you have to face the disappointment of failing to accomplish your daily tasks. By keeping things scheduled with a to-do list, you can actually track your daily progress and accomplish the tasks more efficiently. When the quotient of stress increases, a way to resolve the problem is by making a list of actions of control. You should make a clear roadmap to condense these feelings.



Defeat Problems Of Decision Making With Routines

You make a thousand decisions which may take a huge toll on your mental condition. Even the smallest of the decisions, like what to eat for lunch, take some serious efforts and consume energy. Sticking to proper routines can reduce the stress of making a lot of decisions together. It diminishes the mental pressure involved.

The problem of excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, is a complete bummer. Sweat proof undershirt by NGwear will reduce the fear of sweat marks on the clothes and avoid your public consciousness. So, the tip here is to put on an NGwear sweat proof shirt. It will help a lot before starting each day and eliminate the constant stress of sweat marks on the clothes.


Try Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing will help in taking in more air. This will help the body to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and more. To start the process, one should first lay on the back with knees to the chest, one hand on your stomach and another one on the chest. Breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes for long intervals, being as still as possible. Continue this thrice. With this process, the breathing will feel more natural, and feelings of stress will also diminish.



Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Not able to sleep during nights because of anxiety? A proper method of muscle relaxation is a great way to keep those voices of anxiety in your head under control. Close your eyes and firmly stretch all the body parts starting with the feet. Stretch each body part for 5 seconds and relax. Being patient is key to success because this may take a little time initially. As the time passes, it will get better and easier.

The bottom line is that the feelings of stress and anxiety will continue to exist. There is no indomitable cure for it. It is your way of dealing with these feelings that really matters. Follow these easy steps and rise to glory. Read here to know more about the habits that lead to increased sweating.

Debunking 7 Mistaken Beliefs About Excessive Sweating with Reality

Debunking 7 Mistaken Beliefs About Excessive Sweating with Reality

When it comes to sweating and sweat-related problems, nobody is spared of the social misconceptions. A hyperhidrosis patient or even a normal person who sweats excessively is regularly subject to people’s disgusted stares and distanced positions. Everyone who sweats more than normal is treated with a judgmental attitude.

Perspiration is a natural bodily activity. But a number of misconceptions work in the public regarding those who sweat excessively. Discussed below are seven of such widely held false beliefs about sweating and the truth behind them.


1. Sweating is a sign of unhygienic lifestyle

People falsely associate hygiene with the level of perspiration one undergoes. While lack of hygiene can lead to foul smell, there is no clear connection between sweating excessively and maintaining hygiene. In fact, people with an excessive sweating problem are known to shower more than the normal amount. They only suffer from a sweating problem which makes them perspire extra in comparison to those without it. With the anti-sweat undershirt by NG Wear, you can get rid of this false identity of ill hygiene among your social group.


2. Hyperhidrosis is a problem of the obese people

Sweat-related health problems like hyperhidrosis are more common amongst overweight people. But, the notion that it occurs only in obese people is completely incorrect. People of all shapes and sizes are prone to sweat-related health issues. Chronic perspiration is not a medical condition but a symptom of several illnesses such as diabetes, anaemia, thyroid, and more. Obesity, similarly, is only a symptomatic condition. It does not essentially cause hyperhidrosis.



3. Sweat leads to body odour

Contrary to popular belief, sweat has no real odour of itself. When sweat comes in contact with the bacterial presence in the skin, the body odour is produced. But sweating is not a direct source of any bad smell. The next time somebody blames you of smelling bad due to heavy perspiration, explain them the procedure of sweat mixing with bacteria that creates odour. At the same time, you can eliminate this bad smell with sweat proof undershirt by NG Wear.


4. The condition of hyperhidrosis is no big deal

Since perspiration is a natural condition, people often do not consider its severity. Normal levels of perspiration pose no medical issues. The problem of excessive sweating is a serious matter. Constant perspiration causes both physical and psychological harm to the person. It affects the person’s lifestyle and hampers their confidence in public situations. Sweat marks are also a subject of humiliation. A patient of hyperhidrosis suffers a lifelong condition of nervousness and embarrassment in the public. It is a life-changing medical condition that oftentimes inculcates the feeling of extreme self-consciousness.


5. Underarms are the main zones of sweating

Underarm sweat is regarded as the primary source of perspiration. On the opposing side, the reality is that a person experiences less than 1% of total sweat production in their armpits. There are millions of sweat glands in a human body. Only a percent of those produce underarm sweat. The confined region of the pits reduces the production of sweat. It creates wetness once in a while but does not lead to frequent sweating.



6. Excessive sweating is caused due to increased anxiety or nervousness

Many of us consider that people perspire more due to increased levels of anxiety. However, it is not true at all. Sweat strikes can happen any time due to no reason at all. Nervousness or anxiety can cause a more than usual amount of sweating for some. But hyperhidrosis patients encounter intense sweating at any unpredictable moment. There is no relation between their mental situation and their perspiration levels.


7. A person who sweats excessively is abnormal

Patients with hyperhidrosis or people who sweat excessively have to face everyone’s blank stares on a regular basis. The normal faction of the society considers excessive sweating an abnormal activity. People believe that something is definitely wrong with a person who perspires so heavily. This is a huge misconception related to this bodily activity. Lack of awareness about sweat-related issues leads to people’s judgmental mentalities towards sweating patients.

Perspiration is a natural function of the human body. Chronic sweating is a medical condition. It can happen to anyone. It does not indicate at a person’s abnormality or ill hygiene or uneasiness.

Sweating heavily is the cause of some real social problems. The above-listed misconceptions make it difficult for chronic sweating people to maintain a social presence. NG Wear’s sweat proof shirt gives you the confidence to beat these false beliefs and show the best version of yourself. Read here to know more about why do we sweat.

Ultimate Solutions For Your Struggle Against Armpit Odor

Ultimate Solutions For Your Struggle Against Armpit Odor

With the onset of summers comes the season of sweating. Hidden under the romanticised version of the summer season, with cocktails and chilling, is the real face of it: endless sweating and armpit odor. The evil spirit of stink is always at your side to ruin the day for you, be it a date or a workplace meeting. It is not easy to fight this stinky smell. Numerous showers, tonnes of perfumes and deodorants, all fall short to eliminate body odor at times.

In case of a constantly smelly armpit, you can either save face with arms meekly drawn together at all times or attempt to get rid of the odor altogether. If you go with the latter, read on to get some useful tips to do away with armpit odor.


Where does armpit odor come from?

Did you know that sweating is not the real cause of odor? Sweating is, as a matter of fact, is actually healthy for your body. It is only when sweat comes into contact with a bacterial presence in your skin that there generates body odor. Chronic armpit odor is a medical condition termed as bromhidrosis. It calls for medical attention. But for the popular faction, it is only a matter of the hygiene routine and lifestyle. Listed below are several methods to incorporate into your schedule for an odor control routine.


Solutions To Armpit Odor

Debunking the myth of emptying your pocket on skincare products for fighting armpit odor, these are some simple solutions that your kitchen offers at no extra cost.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel works as a natural toner for your skin. Commercial products also contain alcohol. Therefore, it accomplishes two purposes: decreasing sweat production and fighting bacteria that create the smell. Its natural properties tighten the skin tissues leading to less sweat. Alcohol content helps in eliminating the bacterial presence. Pat some witch hazel dipped cotton on your armpits for an odorless time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

With its acidic as well as antibacterial nature, apple cider vinegar works wonders for your underarms. Alongside extinguishing the odor-inducing bacteria, this natural ingredient averts the production and growth of these bacteria in your pits. You can use this liquid the same way as witch hazel and apply it two times in a day for great results.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice provides your skin with acidic properties to ward off the bacterial existence. It decreases the pH level of your skin making it impossible for the bacteria to sustain themselves. Rub a half-lemon on your armpits daily. In case of a sensitive skin, dilute the juice of a half-lemon with water and then apply.

Change Your Routine

Natural Deodorants

Free from any commercial toxic chemicals, natural deodorants are healthy for your skin. They are gentle and help in removing armpit odor with their organic ingredients. You can get rid of the smell without any reactions on your skin.

When using home solutions like the above-mentioned, it is imperative to remember their acidic qualities. Do not use them over burned or broken skin. Apply these liquids to a dry and clean area. With these changes for odor control, you can naturally remove body odor.

Alterations in Your Diet

There are some food items which accelerate body odor. When you are looking to fight your smelly pits, these diet changes for odor control are sure to reap benefits.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Vegetables containing sulfur can intensify your body odor for up to 6 hours. Cutting out on veggies like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and more, will help in reducing sulfur discharge through sweat.

Red Meat

Non-vegetarian food, especially red meat, contains amino acids. These amino acids remain in the intestine after the digestive process. They are then broken into bacteria that create more body odor. Less consumption of red meat is beneficial for reducing body odor.


The presence of choline, a Vitamin-B, in fish creates a strong smell in your sweat. Eating less fish will help you eliminate body odor for a whole day.

Improve Your Hygiene Routine

For most cases, body smell roots directly from an unhealthy hygiene routine. These changes will help you control foul smell.

Washed Clothes

Regular washing of your clothes is the foremost step to hygiene. Abstain from wearing dirty sweaty clothes again. It only adds to the bacteria on your skin. Wear fresh clothes and change into another pair after a sweaty outing.

Armpit Hair

Hair in your underarms is the perfect home to bacteria. It is best to regularly shave or trim underarm hair for reducing body odor.

Regular Showers

The more you shower, the stronger you fight against sweat and odor. Antibacterial soaps are a good way to go around odor control for your sweat. Shower after every outing where you have perspired heavily.


Sweat-proof Undershirt by NG Wear

The best way to add the finishing touch to your odor control battle is the sweat-proof undershirt by NG Wear. Never let anyone get a hint about your active sweat glands with this absorbent undershirt. It reduces armpit odor along with preventing any sweat marks on your shirt.

Try these remedies and wear an NG Wear undershirt to enjoy your day without sweating and smelling.

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