How To Deal With Armpit Stains And Easy Ways To Remove Them

How To Deal With Armpit Stains And Easy Ways To Remove Them

People who experience excessive sweating know all the trouble it causes. Starting from ugly yellow stains on your shirt which looks totally disgusting. With the constant fear of someone spotting them can cause a lot of stress, which causes you to sweat even more. You might dread white shirts and hide behind sweaters to save from the wrath of your sweat. So, the question lingering in your head might be how can you deal with the yellow underarm stains and what is the best possible way to avoid them all together? Read along to find out the primary causes of why you might get yellow stains on your shirts and the best ways to deal with them!


What is the main reason behind the underarm sweat stains?

Sweating is defined as a normal mechanism of the human body and it is actually a defense mechanism of your body to cool it down and lower the body temperature. You might assume that sweat causes the ugly sweat stains in your underarms but that is not the case. There is another truth to it that needs to be uncovered. One of the most common causes of the stains you might come across is essentially due to the many deodorants and antiperspirants that you use. And when these reactive chemicals come in contact with your sweat, they result in those big yellow stains that can stick to your clothing fabric and mess it all up. This is not the only cause though, other chemicals present in perfumes, jewellery, and even some chemicals present in the sole fabric of the cloth might react to turn it into bad yellow stains. And this results in ruining your whole look.

Usually, sweat is colorless, there might be a case that you might be suffering from any rare medical conditions that cause the yellow stains resulting from your sweat. In some situations, it might even turn black! Apart from that side, the main reason why you face those ugly yellow stains is due to the reaction between your sweat and some chemicals coming in contact with it, which might be present in your clothes.


How can you remove these underarm sweat stains?

Even though the main culprit for the yellow stains might be the deodorant and antiperspirants, you might not want to skip using them because they are important in other ways. So given that you can’t avoid using these chemicals which cause the yellow underarm stains, there are some other ways to deal with the stains even after you get them. Go through all of the options and see which one works the best for you as some might not given the optimal results but they are sure worth a try.

Go for baking soda:

Try mixing baking soda with water until it forms a kind of a paste and apply it on the yellow stains. Let it stay for a while, for about 20 minutes and then wash it off. The stain might go away as the soda acts like a bleach.


Try Vinegar:

You can use vinegar on the affected area and let it stay for about 15 minutes. After taking it out, repeat the baking soda routine and see if it works out for you.



You can use salt instead of baking soda as well. Many have suggested that it works, so see if it does the same wonder for you.


Any other special product:

There are a lot of results you can get from the internet to deal with the yellow stains.

If you don’t want to mess anything up with these tricky methods, then there is another easier method that you can try out. This includes a sweatproof barrier staying between your underarms and your clothing. You can try sweat pads which can be very effective in dealing with stains but it might be uncomfortable for some. If you want a solid way to deal with the yellow stains, then try out anti sweat undershirt from NGwear, they work like a charm and prevent your sweat from making contact with your overall clothing. Try the sweat proof undershirt and see it work like a magic to avoid yellow stains. Have a glance at a few eating habits that reduce the issue of excessive sweating, helping you live a happier life!

DIY Sweat Pads – 4 Types and Reasons to Avoid Them

DIY Sweat Pads – 4 Types and Reasons to Avoid Them

Sweating is a completely different process for those who sweat excessively. It is an unwanted burden, something to get rid of. Excessive sweaters are always looking for ways to avoid the embarrassment of wet armpits and sweaty forehead in public outings. DIY sweat pads are one of these ways that they employ for escaping sweat marks and odour. But their effectiveness is a big question mark. Excessive sweaters have tried various kinds of these pads without any real results. Here are 4 different tactics of DIY pads and why you should avoid them.


Paper Towels as DIY Sweat Pads

It’s true that people stuff their underarms with paper towels to keep the sweat from showing. This tactic is as far away from being effective as it possibly can be. The absorbency of paper towels is next to null. Therefore, when you put these in your underarms, they become wet in no time. You have to excuse yourself to the washroom to change them from time to time. This regular visit to the loo is not only time-consuming but also affects your productivity.

In addition to all the discomfort paper towels offer, they also cause yellow stains. Sweat marks ruin your expensive clothes and act as people-repellents for you. So, if you do not wish to make sweating all the more humiliating, avoid paper towels as DIY sweat pads.



Maxi Pads on the Shirt

Many people stick maxi pads on their shirt’s interior to work as DIY sweat pads. Bad idea. A maxi pad does not function properly if it is not properly stuck to the underarm. Excessive sweating will obviously loosen the grip and move the pad from its position. In such case, a maxi pad proves totally ineffective. On top of that, maxi pads absorb sweat quickly and fill up. Once they are full, you have to either change them or move around with heavy wetness in your pits. This, again, requires you to leave work and visit the washroom time and again.

At the end of the day, when you finally take off the pad, there are good chances that it will rip off your fabric. It also leaves its adhesive on the shirt, ruining it forever. If you do not wish to damage your wardrobe and worsen your sweating problem, avoid sticking maxi pads to your shirt.



Maxi Pads on the Underarms

An even worse DIY sweat pads tactic is to stick the maxi pads directly to the armpits. The adhesive is really sticky in the beginning. It is sure to cause uneasiness and itching in the pits. Again, it fills up real quick and loses its grip. There is the added trouble of changing it after regular intervals. But when you get the pad off your underarms, it will rip off your hair this time. It works as a waxing pad used without proper care. Continuous use of these DIY sweat pads can lead to skin discolouration, rashes, and other similar problems.


Socks and Trash Bags

This happens in real. People pin socks and trash bags to their shirt in order to avoid sweat marks and wetness. There is a time when the wish to get rid of underarm wetness just turns into desperation. When all measures fail, sweaters resort to socks for the rescue. But, it is a nightmare in reality. Socks absorb all the sweat without allowing any evaporation. So, all the sweat is collected inside the sock and you carry it around throughout the day. Trash bags, on the other hand, create more heat in your armpits. Consequently, the sweating increases without any means to stop it.





NGwear Anti-Sweat Undershirt

These DIY sweat pads are no good. They work towards increasing your sweat issues rather than curing them. You are really wasting your efforts in using these ways for sweat control.

What you really need to get rid of sweat marks and odour is something lasting and effective without side effects. NGwear’s sweatproof undershirt is the perfect solution. Be it work or a party or any social gathering, this sweat-resistant shirt is to your rescue anytime. Save your clothes from yellow stains and ripping off. Save your skin from any harmful effects. Stay dry and comfortable throughout the day with this sweatproof undershirt that is first in India. It will absorb all sweat and evaporate without making you feel a thing. With NGwear’s sweatshirt, wet underarms are a thing of the past.

Read here to know the best ways of keeping body odour away during workouts.

Underarm Sweat Pads: The Sad Alternate Reality and Remedy

Underarm Sweat Pads: The Sad Alternate Reality and Remedy

You must have tried a number of solutions for the ridiculous problem of uncontrolled underarm sweat. There are some tools to help you control the excessive build-up and odour of sweat. Apart from these odour-controlling instruments such as antiperspirants, there are several solutions for controlling its presence on your clothing. Underarm sweat pads are one such option. Also known as armpit pads, these are regarded as the best way of saving your clothing from getting marred by sweat stains. They also save you from the embarrassment of walking around with wetness clearly demarcated in the underarm zone.

But this is not the complete truth of it. All underarm sweat pads do not match the glamorized picture painted of them among the masses. Taking these pads in use comes with its own challenges in relation to its benefits. Read further to understand the complete truth of armpit pads.



What are Underarm Sweat Pads?

Made of cotton for a use-and-throw routine, armpit pads are used for absorbing sweat directly from your skin or clothing. What distinguishes sweat pads from garment shield or guards is its disposable usage. The guards or shields are made for the clothing and are rewashed for further use. Armpit pads, on the other hand, are used once and thrown when after one use. A great variety of underarm sweat pads is available in the market. Some stick to the clothes while some stick to the skin. Some others are stitched in the clothing or worn with the help of pins. They are available in different neutral colours to fit with your clothing as well.


The Truth About Underarm Sweat Pads

Armpit pads are regarded as a great help for people who face small to moderate amount of sweat. The moment the sweat bar raises to high, there comes absolute failure. There are a number of situations when your sweat pads just not the right solution. It is important to know these circumstances to avoid getting embarrassed in the public alongside saving yourself from the harms.

  • Expensive clothing: One of the biggest demerits of sweat pads is their side effects on your clothes. Stick-on pads often come with a very strong adhesive that remains in your clothing, possibly ruining it for a long time.
  • Loosely-fit clothes: Sweat pads do not work in the case of loose clothing. If your shirt’s underarm is not close to your underarm, then the sweat absorption does not take place properly. All the perspiration might just drip under your shirt.
  • Skin-fit clothes: On the other hand, clothes with a tight fitting also do not go along with underarm sweat pads. These pads are shapely visible through the clothing and give a bad impression from under it.
  • Sensitive skin: A major harm of using armpit pads is the drawbacks they have for your skin. The sticky material of the pads can adversely affect your skin and leave it with dangerous reactions. Irritation is a common problem faced with sweat pads.
  • Hyperhidrosis: In case of excessive sweating, armpit pads just don’t work. The high levels of sweat end up overusing the pad and make it inept very quickly.

While these were only some of the situations wherein pads do not work properly, they have a few more demerits.


Inconsistent Pad Placement and Adhesive

The biggest trouble of using an armpit pad is its placement. They might be perfectly placed when you begin the day. But 2 hours into it, and you have to rush to the bathroom to readjust it. Along with the skin irritation, a displaced pad poses as much trouble. Additionally, the adhesive of the pad also loses its capacity after taking a certain level of sweat. It makes an even more disgusting look with pads sticking out of your clothes.


Maintenance and Uneasiness

The use of underarm pads comes with its own awkwardness. They are difficult to maintain and equally embarrassing to deal with in public. Moreover, you cannot work with confidence once the pad is full, giving you the horrors of flapping out through your clothing.

The bottom line is that underarm sweat pads are not for everyone. With all their side effects and ineffective functioning, they are oftentimes a real headache. But there exists a much better option for your sweat control. India’s first ever sweatproof undershirt by NG Wear is the perfect way to go about sweat control. It is sweat-absorbent and odour-controlling made to suit your comfort and style. With NG Wear’s anti-sweat undershirt, you can forget your worries about sweat pads and more. Read here to know more about NG Wear sweat proof undershirt.