Teen Sweating an Issue For You Too? Here’s Your Guide to Handling It!

Teen Sweating an Issue For You Too? Here’s Your Guide to Handling It!

Teenagers deal with various social situations where they have to stay fresh and energetic. The expectations of these scenarios can make you feel nervous which may make you sweat more than usual. Lots of teenagers have issues with sweating either due to puberty or other reasons. You don’t want these reasons to make you feel insecure about your look or make you feel irritated throughout your day. 

NGwear encourages fashion that doesn’t make you worry about unnecessary sweat. Our sweat-proof inner shirts are the best addition to deal with over sweating. To help you deal with unnecessary sweat, we are here to guide you with various suggestions: 

1. The Benefits of Antiperspirants to Reduce Your Sweating.

Most of us use deodorants to feel refreshed and smell good. The ingredients of such products are combined to make us feel so. Shifting to using antiperspirants is more beneficial as it has components to minimize sweating. They work in a manner that clogs your sweat glands thus reducing your sweat.

They have aluminum salts that alter the flow of sweat to the skin surface. Deodorants help in making you smell good. However, antiperspirants provide a solution for over sweating issues for teenagers or any other age group.

Teen Sweating an Issue For You Too? Here's Your Guide to Handling It! NGwear

2. Using a Prescription-Strength Antiperspirant 

“Prescription antiperspirant” is the word that is used for antiperspirants that are only available through doctor authorization and over-the-counter products. Over sweating may force you into situations where you might have to change your clothing every few hours. You might also have to take several showers to avoid sweat pits. Prescription antiperspirants have a higher percentage of a composition known as aluminum chloride. It is one of the main elements of antiperspirants to reduce sweating. They can also facilitate aluminum chloride hexahydrate in their composition which is stronger and different from over-the-counter products. 

As everyone has different issues and needs concerning sweating, this choice gives you quick solutions. You can go to a doctor if the problem of over sweating is troubling you during your everyday tasks. The type of sweating or hyperhidrosis is essential to be diagnosed before you decide the medication you require. These products have strong components which can cause other skin related issues if not used properly. Therefore it is always recommended to go to a doctor and get it checked.

3. Home Remedies to Control Over Sweating

Home feels like a place that cures all of our problems for most of us. Growing up in a culture where home remedies have been adopted for every problem, NGwear supports our roots. There are various things you can do or create at home to decrease yours over sweating issues.

Examples of products that make up the perfect home remedies for controlling sweat are: 

  • Wheatgrass juice: Wheatgrass juice is a popular choice of the detox community. Drinking just a teaspoon of it can help you with the odor from constant sweating.
  • Tomato Juice: Adding tomatoes to your diet can shrink your pores and reduce chronic sweat conditions you might be having.
  • Hot beverages: Hot beverages like green tea have magnesium and Vitamin B which compress your sweat glands. Black tea is also a healthy choice as it has strong astringent properties.

The beauty gurus often talk about the benefits of cornstarch, potatoes, lemons, etc. while opting for homemade remedies for improving your health and looks. There are a lot of natural products that can counteract issues that cause over sweating.

Teen Sweating an Issue For You Too? Here's Your Guide to Handling It! NGwear

4. Wear a Sweat Proof Inner Shirt

NGwear provides you with the knowledge of various options to improve how you feel. It is the most convenient choice to suit the needs today. NGwear provides you with sleek and stylish sweat proof inner shirts that go along for any occasion. This helps you avoid sweat stains from over sweating and keeps you confident for any activity throughout your day. The material of the inner shirt you choose is vital as the end purpose of it is your comfort. Choose the model that suits your preferences and enjoy a sweat-free look.

Stay refreshed with our wide range of sweat-proof inner shirts of NGwear. Enrich the experience you want from every day by taking the help of our free guide. Now is the time to make memories that don’t have sweat stains or irritating over-sweating issues.

Nervous Sweats – 7 Effective Means of Remedy

Nervous Sweats – 7 Effective Means of Remedy

Do you sweat heavily before a big presentation? Have you found yourself in sweat puddles right ahead of a date? Does nervousness open a sweating waterfall? If you answer in affirmative, then you have the problem of nervous sweats. Sweating is a naturally phenomenon. But there are certain situations which trigger heavy sweating. Nervousness is one of the feelings which causes your sweat glands to function rapidly. It can have ruinous consequences. Many people who suffer from hyperhidrosis or sweat heavily direly wish to get rid of nervous sweating.

There are so many downsides of this problem. You can ruin a presentation or a date or any other important occasion with sweat endlessly dripping down your forehead. On top of this, nervous sweats cause adversely affect your entire body. The temperature goes up. There is a feeling of fatigue. You lose focus.

Do not lose hope. There are solutions for this problem. In order to avoid heavy sweating before and during important occasions, use the following remedies.



Reduce Anxiety and Nervousness

The number one step towards controlling nervous sweats is by controlling your mental state. You cannot expect to stop the sweating while you continue to feel nervous. Relax your mind and calm down your senses before the big occasion. Deep breathing is a helpful technique. You can also employ muscle relaxation for the same. Listening to your favourite music will greatly help in the process of relaxation. Instead of focusing on the results, think positive.


Sweat Resistant Undershirt

A large part of the problem of nervous sweats is your uncontrolled sweating itself. Sweating leads to wet armpits and body odour. This may make you nervous and anxious about embarrassment. Therefore, you need to address the problem of sweating to get the solution. Wearing a sweatproof undershirt will work the right way. Buy NGwear’s sweat-resistant undershirt to get rid of nervous sweats. It will eliminate the cycle of nervous sweating altogether. With this undershirt, you do not have to worry about your sweating at all.



Stay Hydrated

You sweat more when your body is dehydrated. Lack of hydration leads to your body sweating more than usual. It is because the body requires to cool down. Nervousness will also cause dryness in the mouth. Both these situations call for more water. Drink as much water as possible to steer clear of nervous sweats. Water is a good remedy for sweating in high-stake situations.


Avoid Stressors of Nervous Sweats

There are certain things that trigger your sweat glands. These elements lead to more sweating. In case you have a big occasion coming up, you may want to stay away from these stressors. These will cause an increase in nervous sweats. Alcohol and cigarettes are the most common stress triggers. Hot beverages as well as hot and spicy food also cause excessive sweating. Make sure you do not consume these before your important meeting or occasion.



Use Antiperspirant a Night Before

When you leave antiperspirants on your armpits overnight, it becomes more effective. Night time is the best for the activation of the aluminium content in antiperspirants. It will not wear off during your morning bath. You can go for your meeting or date without worrying about the sweat or stains with this hack.


Wear the Right Fabric

Different kinds of fabric work differently for nervous sweats. If you wear a synthetic material, it will probably accelerate the sweating levels. On the contrary, natural materials like cotton and bamboo are good sweat-repellents. They absorb a good amount of sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable. These clothes will also save you the embarrassment of staining or wetness. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay away from synthetic clothes like polyester and linen. Cotton shirts are the most well-suited for nerve-wracking situations.


Sweatblock Towelettes

You can use sweatblock towelettes to tackle the armpit sweat situation. It will keep the sweat away at a considerably great pace. You should get some towelettes on-hand at your office to deal with nervous sweats before the presentation. It will also enhance your confidence before the meeting with controlled sweating.

Stressful situations can really get the better of you. Sweating heavily is a real bummer. You are constantly conscious of armpit wetness or yellow stains or sweat beads on the forehead. It leads to underperformance. Follow these remedies to treat the problem of nervous sweats. It will effectively control your sweating levels. On top of that, these hacks will also help you improve your confidence.

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Say Bye to Yellow Stains with These Hacks

Say Bye to Yellow Stains with These Hacks

Yellow stains are the biggest humiliation sweating brings with it. Everyone who sweats heavily has been there. You just cannot wear a shirt with yellow sweat marks on it. There goes all your money in waste. But this is not the end of it. You waste even more money on buying new sets of clothing to avoid these stains. There seems no remedy to it. Until you land at this blog and read ahead.

Yellow stains often seem permanent and unavoidable. But there are tested ways to keep your clothes from yellowing. Follow any of these tips discussed below and see the yellow marks go away.



Nix the Antiperspirants

It is not just the sweat that causes yellow stains. When sweat mixes with the antiperspirants, there emerges the yellow colouring. It is primarily the antiperspirant that causes the yellow marks on your clothes. Hence, it is better to stay away it for the good. Instead of antiperspirants, you can use a natural deodorant to keep the odour away. Only that deodorants do not work for heavy perspiration. If you have an excessive sweating problem, you may want to use the antiperspirant at a limited level. It will help in keep the staining to the lowest possible quantity.


Prevent Yellow Stains Through Washing

There are various ways with which you can save your clothes from staining. The first means is to submerge your clothes in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. This mixture will keep the stains away. Another means is to soak the clothes in OxyClean 20 minutes before washing. It will easily clean the yellow stains. You can also apply any stain remover to the sweat marks to get rid of them. Removing stains from white clothes is the most difficult. Try using a cloth whitener to do the job for you. It is sure to steer clear of the stains and give your clothes a fresh as new look.



Do Not Bleach

People usually use bleach as a stain remover. But this really isn’t true. Very strong yellow stains are hard to remove even with bleach. On the contrary, bleach can worsen the staining. It is important that you do not use bleach at all for sweat marks on your clothes. Since it increases the yellowing, it is better to keep your clothes away from it.


Pre-treat on Time

It is obvious that a long day robs you off your energy. You want to undress and roll up your clothes in a bundle. But this is a major cause of yellow stains. When sweaty clothes are left untreated, the sweat and antiperspirant will mix to form the reaction. The yellowing is a direct consequence. Therefore, it is important that you pre-treat your clothes right away removing them. Soak the clothes in a bucket of water with OxyClean or a mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide or a whitener.



Use Sweat Pads

A good way to keep the stains away is sweat pads. A sweat pad blocks contact between the sweat and the antiperspirant. Therefore, there is no yellowing. They will also absorb sweat and keep your armpits dry for a considerable amount of the day. This is a good solution for those who do not experience heavy sweating. Sweat pads are not so reliable for patients of excessive sweating. They cannot go on throughout the day and require regular maintenance.


Sweatproof Undershirt

A protective undershirt is your best way out for yellow stains. Once you don an undershirt, you eliminate the possibility of staining. India’s first ever anti-sweat undershirt from NGwear will do the job for you. This is a 100% cotton undershirt with great sweat-absorbing capacity. You can wear this sweat-resistant shirt throughout the day and feel no wetness.

This undershirt is your best option to keep the stains away. It will efficiently absorb the sweat before it comes in contact with the antiperspirant. First, there is no yellowing. Additionally, the shirt prevents any sweat from reaching your clothes. Therefore, even if there is any yellowing, it does not touch your clothing.


Yellow stains are a real headache. For those who sweat heavily or suffer from auxiliary hyperhidrosis, it is really hard to keep the stains away. But, not anymore. These are some lesser known means of preventing or removing the sweat marks. You can employ any or all of these means to protect your clothes and stop further wastage of money.

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