The Advantages Of Having A V-Neck Sweat Proof Undershirt

The Advantages Of Having A V-Neck Sweat Proof Undershirt

Undershirts can come as a crew neck or a v-neck and there are personal preferences depending on the type. Read along to find out exactly why v-neck undershirts are much more beneficial as compared to any other kind and how it gives the best look with the right depth and width of the undershirt.


Why Say No To The Crew Neck

Many men go for the crew neck undershirt as the standard one. That’s the oldest style in the store for ages and that is the kind that you will see available in most stores. They can offer a nice fit around the neck, resembling a t-shirt. And it is comfortable to wear, that is why men usually prefer this. But the bad side of the crew neck is that it is visible at the neck. You cannot hide it away for your shirt over it. And it can be very noticeable with anything that you wear on top of it. There are a lot of people who would not care for it showing but some might feel down with their crew necks visible. This might make you feel conscious about your overall look. So, why take the chance at all and ruin your look? Get the power back in your hands for your style without having to show it to the rest of the world what’s going inside. Invest the best for your look.

Crew necks are the most basic things to choose. Flaunt your style out without choosing the age-old option with a visible undershirt. If you want to stand out then go for a v-neck which gives you a lot of space to test your unique styles. From the sphere of v-necks, there are a ton of options you can choose from. Among the standard short v-neck and longer v-neck, you might want to go for a deeper v-neck and we have the answer why.


Short V-Neck Is More Prominent

Usually, the standard v-necks which are available in the market are shorter. The short v-necks focus more on the functioning rather than the style that you are going to flaunt. And this might be super close to crew necks due to their positioning. What is the use of going for a v-neck when it is still visible to everyone, just like a crew neck would be? If you want to unbutton a few buttons, then there it is, completely visible and there is no way out! You might not want to show that at your neck. If you are going for a cool and fresh button-down look and you have a short v-neck undershirt inside, it might be perfectly visible outside.


Go For The Ideal Deep V-neck

If you want to avoid your undershirt being clearly visible outside, you might want to go for a deeper v-neck. This saves you from all the trouble and makes for a great choice to go with your style perfectly. The deep v-neck undershirts are perfect to give you a great buttoned-down look. In the heat of summer, wearing an undershirt becomes really necessary to keep the sweat at bay. Get your hands on the best anti sweat undershirt from NGwear. With the great quality of v-neck undershirts, be sure to flaunt your style without any worries.

Deep v-neck undershirts are perfect for whatever style you want to flaunt out in the sun. The depth of a deep v-neck is wide and comfortable to wear and it is not visible with the rest of your look. It does not ruin your overall look and ensures that you get to sport out the look that you want. This does not make you look ridiculous with any visible remarks as it is not seen from the outside or on your shoulders. Owing to the perfect width and depth, the deep v-neck undershirts are ideal for you because you do not have to focus or worry about it being visible. Let your style speak for yourself without having to compromise with anything else.

Get your hands on the best v-neck sweat proof undershirt from NGwear. Let your worries aside and get the perfect fresh look to flaunt everywhere. Have a look at the benefits of using anti-sweat undershirts.

Which Colors Should You Opt For To Hide Your Sweat?

Which Colors Should You Opt For To Hide Your Sweat?

In case you are in the club of the excessively sweating, you might have your closet full of whites. This is obviously for you to save face from the embarrassing sweat marks and more. But who would wear the same colors in shirts every single day? The combination of your sweat with the antiperspirant that you use definitely creates even something more embarrassing, the dreading yellow stains on your white shirt.

Don’t limit your choice to whites all your life, you can swap a little for some style. Here are some colors that you could try that will keep your sweat at bay. When you are surfing for shirts that could hide your sweat, you should probably go for the extreme colors like super light or very dark contrasting colors.

Black To The Rescue

Black always manages to mask your sweat at any given time. So it is already well stated that dark colors can work to a great extent to hide your sweat. But in the business world, black is just way too bland to wear every single day. To ramp your style up, you can wear that black dress shirt with some dark gray suit or even olive colored pants. This will surely help you cover your dark sense of clothing well, it balances out the overall look.


Navy Blue On The Rise

The dark contrast in navy blue can be very effective in hiding away your sweat. Although, just like the black color, this one limits you to some style choices as well. You can pair this color up with some taupe wool suit in subtle colors that will drive your fashion sense to another level. Do not shy away from experimenting out there with your look.


Pale Pink

Pink might not sound like the best choice for your sweat but a pale pink colored shirt can actually help you a lot. They stand similar to white, so they can be essential at keeping your sweat away. Try this amazing look for yourself, this elegant color is sure to amaze you.


Charcoal Color

The color grey might not be the best choice to go with your sweat, but charcoal color actually helps a lot with hiding your sweat. It is similar to the color black and navy blue, so it works well in hiding away your sweat stains from your colleagues at work.


Plaid Shirt Prints

Plaid shirt prints obviously work to distract every eye from the sweat stains. You can go for a navy blue plaid shirt with light colored pants or even khakis. This gives you a modern look.

Apart from the choice of colors, there are other things to consider as well that would work well in keeping your sweat at bay.


The Material Of The Shirt

Colors matter in hiding away your sweat stains. The material of the clothing can also play a significant role in showing your sweat. Go for a breathable choice of clothing. Fibers like cotton are great in absorbing sweat and can result in quick drying of the sweat as well. This might work for you to save you from an embarrassing encounter.


Get A Sweat Proof Undershirt

Anti -sweat shirt can let you wear any of the colors of shirts that you want. Get your hands on some amazing anti-sweat undershirts from NGwear, saving you from the many troubles of excessive sweating. You can remain fresh and cool all day long without having to stress over the color of your shirt. The sweat protection provided by undershirts keeps you cool throughout the day. These undershirts are available in a variety of type, be it sizes or the type of neck. Go for the one that suits your needs and fits you best.

At times, it can be troubling to handle your sweat. However, there is a wide range of colors that you can try out. Along with some extra tips to choose your clothes, keep yourself fresh and cool this summer with these amazing colors. If you are still worried about excessively sweating, then you can easily opt to try NGwear’s sweat proof shirt which can help you be sweat-free all day long. Have a look at these food habits that can help you reduce the issue of excessive sweating and hence save you from all the embarrassment.

Food Habits That Can Help Reduce The Issue Of Excessive Sweating

Food Habits That Can Help Reduce The Issue Of Excessive Sweating

There are tons of ways you choose to deal with your sweat. But one of the top culprits that you ignore creeps up to make even more trouble. Have you ever thought of managing your diet? Your body’s temperature can be extensively affected by the kind of food habits you have. The digestion process can lead you to sweat, even more, making you have to deal with the embarrassing sweat patches and more. With the hard to let go days of sweating, making you take double showers and a pool of antiperspirants, it is a never-ending cycle. The simple solution is to choose foods that will help ease the process of digestion. When the extra stressful days hit, deal with the excessive sweat with some healthy food habits.

Water Is The Savior

Well, this is an easy choice. Your body keeps its temperature down with the help of water. So, hydrate your body properly. When you are heated up, the body generates sweat as a mechanism to lower the body temperature. This leads you to drown in that pool of sweat. Make sure to keep a bottle beside you at all times to ensure that your body is hydrated with a proper amount throughout the day.

Fruits and Vegetables come to the rescue with their high water content. There are different sources of water that could help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Start including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet which will help you reduce your sweat levels. Many of those include Eggplants, Peppers, Spinach, Cauliflowers, and Broccoli. Fruits like watermelon and grapes are also full of water and fiber, inculcating them as a part of your routinely food habits will help you to ease your digestion while simultaneously helping you to keep your sweating at bay. This improves the overall metabolic function of your body, leading to a better and healthy life as well.


Go For Calcium Rich Food Such As Dairy Products

Calcium is an essential mineral which is a driving factor to regular the temperature of your body. It helps to lower your sweat levels. The simple way to increase the intake of calcium in your diet is to start having dairy-based products like cheese, eggs, or even yogurt. You can carry the yogurt to work even which will help you stay cool throughout the day. This gives you an extra layer of sweat protection.


Olive Oil

Olive oil readily improves your metabolism by improving your digestion. The better your digestion process, the better is your body’s temperature regulation. Making olive oil a part of your food habits can significantly decrease your sweating potential and could save you from any kind of embarrassing encounter.


High In Fiber

Oats are super rich in fibers and they provide less fat and your body can easily digest it. This decreases the stress on your body and hence improving your body’s metabolic rate which then secretes less sweat.


Magnesium To The Power

Almonds are rich in magnesium and they essentially help in digestion while simultaneously helping your immune system. Some other foods which are rich in magnesium include spinach, pumpkins, and soya beans. They can help you deal with your excessive amount of sweat.


Whey And Sweet Potatoes

Whey contains L-glutamine and tryptophan which helps you to calm down in stressful situations. This helps your nervous system to great extents and in turn, it helps to keep the nervous sweats at bay. Along with that, food habits like these also help in proper digestion, which is yet another amazing helpful feature to fight your sweat. Sweet potatoes are a bundled pack of essential as well, they help to keep your stress down while simultaneously reducing your blood pressure, thereby combating your sweat.


Potassium In Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium, it is an essential electrolyte that keeps your body hydrated. Along with other nutrients such as magnesium and even Vitamin B6, it helps you to lead a healthier life with better digestion.


Green Tea And Its Essentials

Green tea is famously known for its calming effects, it helps your nervous system and keeps your sweat levels low. If you really want to prevent any excessive signs of sweating, then start sipping green tea.

For more ways that could help you keep your sweat at bay, you can use anti sweat undershirts by NGwear, which provide double protection against sweat. These amazing sweat shielding undershirts can help you fight the annoying sweat to keep you cool and fresh the whole day. Include these things in your daily food habits and you will notice a difference in your issue of excessive sweating. apart from these food habits, here are a few ways to dress this summer that can also help keep your sweat at bay.

DIY Sweat Pads – 4 Types and Reasons to Avoid Them

DIY Sweat Pads – 4 Types and Reasons to Avoid Them

Sweating is a completely different process for those who sweat excessively. It is an unwanted burden, something to get rid of. Excessive sweaters are always looking for ways to avoid the embarrassment of wet armpits and sweaty forehead in public outings. DIY sweat pads are one of these ways that they employ for escaping sweat marks and odour. But their effectiveness is a big question mark. Excessive sweaters have tried various kinds of these pads without any real results. Here are 4 different tactics of DIY pads and why you should avoid them.


Paper Towels as DIY Sweat Pads

It’s true that people stuff their underarms with paper towels to keep the sweat from showing. This tactic is as far away from being effective as it possibly can be. The absorbency of paper towels is next to null. Therefore, when you put these in your underarms, they become wet in no time. You have to excuse yourself to the washroom to change them from time to time. This regular visit to the loo is not only time-consuming but also affects your productivity.

In addition to all the discomfort paper towels offer, they also cause yellow stains. Sweat marks ruin your expensive clothes and act as people-repellents for you. So, if you do not wish to make sweating all the more humiliating, avoid paper towels as DIY sweat pads.



Maxi Pads on the Shirt

Many people stick maxi pads on their shirt’s interior to work as DIY sweat pads. Bad idea. A maxi pad does not function properly if it is not properly stuck to the underarm. Excessive sweating will obviously loosen the grip and move the pad from its position. In such case, a maxi pad proves totally ineffective. On top of that, maxi pads absorb sweat quickly and fill up. Once they are full, you have to either change them or move around with heavy wetness in your pits. This, again, requires you to leave work and visit the washroom time and again.

At the end of the day, when you finally take off the pad, there are good chances that it will rip off your fabric. It also leaves its adhesive on the shirt, ruining it forever. If you do not wish to damage your wardrobe and worsen your sweating problem, avoid sticking maxi pads to your shirt.



Maxi Pads on the Underarms

An even worse DIY sweat pads tactic is to stick the maxi pads directly to the armpits. The adhesive is really sticky in the beginning. It is sure to cause uneasiness and itching in the pits. Again, it fills up real quick and loses its grip. There is the added trouble of changing it after regular intervals. But when you get the pad off your underarms, it will rip off your hair this time. It works as a waxing pad used without proper care. Continuous use of these DIY sweat pads can lead to skin discolouration, rashes, and other similar problems.


Socks and Trash Bags

This happens in real. People pin socks and trash bags to their shirt in order to avoid sweat marks and wetness. There is a time when the wish to get rid of underarm wetness just turns into desperation. When all measures fail, sweaters resort to socks for the rescue. But, it is a nightmare in reality. Socks absorb all the sweat without allowing any evaporation. So, all the sweat is collected inside the sock and you carry it around throughout the day. Trash bags, on the other hand, create more heat in your armpits. Consequently, the sweating increases without any means to stop it.





NGwear Anti-Sweat Undershirt

These DIY sweat pads are no good. They work towards increasing your sweat issues rather than curing them. You are really wasting your efforts in using these ways for sweat control.

What you really need to get rid of sweat marks and odour is something lasting and effective without side effects. NGwear’s sweatproof undershirt is the perfect solution. Be it work or a party or any social gathering, this sweat-resistant shirt is to your rescue anytime. Save your clothes from yellow stains and ripping off. Save your skin from any harmful effects. Stay dry and comfortable throughout the day with this sweatproof undershirt that is first in India. It will absorb all sweat and evaporate without making you feel a thing. With NGwear’s sweatshirt, wet underarms are a thing of the past.

Read here to know the best ways of keeping body odour away during workouts.