Underarm Sweat Pads: The Sad Alternate Reality and Remedy

Underarm Sweat Pads: The Sad Alternate Reality and Remedy

You must have tried a number of solutions for the ridiculous problem of uncontrolled underarm sweat. There are some tools to help you control the excessive build-up and odour of sweat. Apart from these odour-controlling instruments such as antiperspirants, there are several solutions for controlling its presence on your clothing. Underarm sweat pads are one such option. Also known as armpit pads, these are regarded as the best way of saving your clothing from getting marred by sweat stains. They also save you from the embarrassment of walking around with wetness clearly demarcated in the underarm zone.

But this is not the complete truth of it. All underarm sweat pads do not match the glamorized picture painted of them among the masses. Taking these pads in use comes with its own challenges in relation to its benefits. Read further to understand the complete truth of armpit pads.



What are Underarm Sweat Pads?

Made of cotton for a use-and-throw routine, armpit pads are used for absorbing sweat directly from your skin or clothing. What distinguishes sweat pads from garment shield or guards is its disposable usage. The guards or shields are made for the clothing and are rewashed for further use. Armpit pads, on the other hand, are used once and thrown when after one use. A great variety of underarm sweat pads is available in the market. Some stick to the clothes while some stick to the skin. Some others are stitched in the clothing or worn with the help of pins. They are available in different neutral colours to fit with your clothing as well.


The Truth About Underarm Sweat Pads

Armpit pads are regarded as a great help for people who face small to moderate amount of sweat. The moment the sweat bar raises to high, there comes absolute failure. There are a number of situations when your sweat pads just not the right solution. It is important to know these circumstances to avoid getting embarrassed in the public alongside saving yourself from the harms.

  • Expensive clothing: One of the biggest demerits of sweat pads is their side effects on your clothes. Stick-on pads often come with a very strong adhesive that remains in your clothing, possibly ruining it for a long time.
  • Loosely-fit clothes: Sweat pads do not work in the case of loose clothing. If your shirt’s underarm is not close to your underarm, then the sweat absorption does not take place properly. All the perspiration might just drip under your shirt.
  • Skin-fit clothes: On the other hand, clothes with a tight fitting also do not go along with underarm sweat pads. These pads are shapely visible through the clothing and give a bad impression from under it.
  • Sensitive skin: A major harm of using armpit pads is the drawbacks they have for your skin. The sticky material of the pads can adversely affect your skin and leave it with dangerous reactions. Irritation is a common problem faced with sweat pads.
  • Hyperhidrosis: In case of excessive sweating, armpit pads just don’t work. The high levels of sweat end up overusing the pad and make it inept very quickly.

While these were only some of the situations wherein pads do not work properly, they have a few more demerits.


Inconsistent Pad Placement and Adhesive

The biggest trouble of using an armpit pad is its placement. They might be perfectly placed when you begin the day. But 2 hours into it, and you have to rush to the bathroom to readjust it. Along with the skin irritation, a displaced pad poses as much trouble. Additionally, the adhesive of the pad also loses its capacity after taking a certain level of sweat. It makes an even more disgusting look with pads sticking out of your clothes.


Maintenance and Uneasiness

The use of underarm pads comes with its own awkwardness. They are difficult to maintain and equally embarrassing to deal with in public. Moreover, you cannot work with confidence once the pad is full, giving you the horrors of flapping out through your clothing.

The bottom line is that underarm sweat pads are not for everyone. With all their side effects and ineffective functioning, they are oftentimes a real headache. But there exists a much better option for your sweat control. India’s first ever sweatproof undershirt by NG Wear is the perfect way to go about sweat control. It is sweat-absorbent and odour-controlling made to suit your comfort and style. With NG Wear’s anti-sweat undershirt, you can forget your worries about sweat pads and more. Read here to know more about NG Wear sweat proof undershirt.

Sweat Proof Undershirts is the Remedy for Underarm Sweat

Sweat Proof Undershirts is the Remedy for Underarm Sweat

It is no unknown fact that the biggest drawback of sweating is the embarrassing underarm sweat marks on your clothes. You can dry off the sweat from your hands and feet and wipe it off from your face and head. But the stains of underarm sweat remain as to tell the humiliating tale of your excessive sweating in the armpits. Instead of wasting your money and energy on failed methods, it is high time you invest in a sweat proof undershirt to tackle excessive sweat.

Underarm sweat is a common occurrence amid all, apart from being a regular affair for hyperhidrosis patients. Research has proven that excessive sweating in the armpits happens to everyone once in a while. Sweating is a natural activity, after all. It only gets disastrous when the sweat begins to show on your clothing and blots it with repelling sweat marks. These wet patches of sweat can cost you gravely. A stain or mark of sweat is improper for your outfit and adversely impacts your public image. In the case of workplace meetings, sweating and stains are a real bummer. Similar can be the case for a date with a special someone. The problem is even more severe if you are an athlete or a fitness trainer. Underarm sweat can potentially ruin some special moments of your life alongside harming your routine lifestyle.

These real-life problems have given us the incentive to create our anti-sweat undershirts. These are designed and developed with special technology to give you the ultimate remedy for your armpit marks. Unlike ordinary undershirts, our products involve the use of advanced means to produce amazing results. It is a proven scientific solution in the form of a tee to rid you of your ugly sweat marks.

What Makes The NG Wear Tee Stand Out?

We are introducing you to India’s first ever sweat resistant undershirts with promised results for your lifestyle. It can be really difficult to deal with uncontrolled sweating on a routine basis. The situation is worsened when the sweat leaves marks at places like underarms. Our undershirt offers you the best solution.

Built with a combination of comfort and style, NG Wear’s sweatshirts prevent staining of your clothes alongside odor control. With its strong absorptive quality, it gives you the edge of staying fresh and confident all day while offering suitable breathability. While other brands bring you their temporary sweatproof products, we have our tried, tested, and guaranteed sweat proof undershirts.

Our shirts are made with 4 thin layers of clothing and you get the definitive dry experience with it. Their micro modal fabric gives them the strength to absorb all sweat for a long duration. These two features combine to provide you with a dry and sweat-free day. You can totally leave your worries about any sweat marks. In addition to this, our anti –sweat undershirts contain spandex. It adds to their stretching capacity and fitness.


How Does the NG Wear Tee Tackle Underarm Sweat?

We have used innovative technology to make our shirts the best in the market. Their efficient build-up prevents sweating along with stabilizing your body temperature in situations of excessive heat. The fabric has silver attached to its fabric. This is beneficial in keeping your body temperature high during cold weather and low during hot days. The fabric is not just ultra-stylish but also ultra-soft and ultra-thin. Its low weight fabric is waterproof and comforting, aimed at decreasing your sweat levels and reducing the consequent staining. It is skin-friendly as well as fit-sized.

Assurance of Quality

NG Wear sweat proof undershirts are crafted with utmost care and sureness. Their quality is unmatchable in the current market. You get a tee that brings you several benefits for a long period of time. In case you think your underarm sweat will harm the shirt’s quality, you are wrong. The fabric for these undershirts will serve the test of time and guarantees a long life. You can wash these shirts in machines and put them in dryers without any fear. Their manufacturing enables them to fight odor, wetness, and continuous washing for your comfort. With these advanced capabilities and supreme comfort, it is time that you invest your money in these sweat proof undershirts.

Forget worrying about your underarm sweat level and marks. With the NG Wear undershirts, armpit marks of sweat are a thing of the bygone days. Stay confident and fresh with this technologically designed undershirt. Read here to know about the ways to deal with yellow stains on your clothes.

Chronic Sweating: All Questions Answered

Chronic Sweating: All Questions Answered

Sweating is a natural bodily process. It is helpful in hydrating your body. The heat can cause anyone and everyone to sweat a little. But there exists a fine line of distinction between normal sweating and chronic sweating, the latter being a medical condition. If you are concerned about your continuous sweating condition, then you need to read further for an explanation and solutions.


The Struggles of Chronic Sweating

Despite being a natural occurrence, sweat is considered off-putting and works best as a people repellent. When it comes to the problem of chronic sweating, the struggle is as real as it can get. You will relate to the following if you have inexplicable sweat problems:

  • You have to constantly change your clothes due to horrible sweat patches. Or you are perennially stuck in the loop between your work desk and the bathroom to dry off the sweat all over your body. It takes a real toll on your efficiency.
  • You are a big ball of sweat when you are faced with nervous scenarios such as a date or a presentation. The nerves get to you and make you sweat like a melting glacier, ruining your moment of glory.


Signs of Chronic Sweating

If you have experienced the above cases, then you definitely sweat more than the normal. Listed below are the symptoms of chronic sweating that require medical attention:

  • You face incidences of sudden sweat, at least once every 6 months.
  • Sweating extremely only in a particular body part like armpits, back, or any other.
  • Frequent sweat marks on your clothes.
  • Prone to sweating extra in public situations.
  • A sweat problem since infancy and your family has similar issues.

Health Symptoms and Problems of Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is oftentimes only a medical condition and does not project any dangers to your health. However, sweat-related health problems should be diagnosed and treated immediately. The following cases indicate a health concern caused due to chronic sweating and call for medical assessment:

Weight Loss

Are you losing weight due to excessive sweat release? Seek medical advice for this condition. A condition of weight loss accompanied by chronic sweating is symptomatic of depression, hyperthyroidism, or other problem.

Frequent Night Sweats

Regular instances of night sweats also indicate a health issue. If you wake up with a sweat attack in the night, it might be a sign of hypoglycemia, tuberculosis, hormonal conditions, or menopause. It is also caused due to a condition of hyperhidrosis.

Fever, Chest Pain, and More

Do symptoms like shortness of breath, pain in the chest or fever occur alongside chronic sweating? If yes, then it signals at heart diseases, anemia, and other medical conditions.

If you do not experience any of the above-listed symptoms, then you have a case of hyperhidrosis.

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis

When you face extreme amounts of sweat focused only in a single body area, it is a condition of primary focal hyperhidrosis. It is when you sweat accumulates in your hands or feet or back for no reason at all. You can avail treatment for this condition through antiperspirants, surgery, Botox, along with other options.

Secondary Generalized Hyperhidrosis

This condition occurs when excessive sweating is a concomitant of sweat-related health problems. Some of the common diseases that cause extreme sweat spells are:

  • Hyperthyroidism: due to an unwarranted production of thyroid hormones.
  • Adrenal gland disorders: due to production problems in adrenal hormones like cortisol.
  • Andropause: due to the reduction in testosterone amounts.
  • Perimenopause: due to the reduction in the level of estrogen before menopause.
  • Diabetes: due to inability to create insulin.
  • Parkinson’s: due to brain disorder affecting body activities.


Diagnosis of Excessive Sweating

The key to treatment is identification. Doctors identify the condition of chronic sweating through questioning and medical check-ups.  You need to answer certain questions related to your sweat activities. The doctor will then perform certain tests such as the blood and urine test, starch-iodine test, paper test, and more. These tests help them diagnose your condition of sweating and allow a better treatment procedure.


Treatment Alternatives

While there are many options for treating sweat-related health problems, deciding the most suitable alternative is difficult. Here are some alternatives that you can look out for:


Heavy-duty antiperspirants offer a great means to tackle excessive sweating in armpits. Commercial products provide chemically strengthened deodorants for better results. You can also consider natural antiperspirants if you wish to stay away from chemicals.

Medicinal Help

Some of the widely preferred medicines for sweat treatment are anticholinergics coupled with beta blockers. miraDry is another non-surgical process to treat your armpits.

NG Wear Tee

A safer and less expensive medium of curbing your sweat issues is the NG Wear sweat-proof tee. It is capable of blocking sweat from staining your clothes. People with or without hyperhidrosis can keep their worries about sweating at bay with this t-shirt.

Read more about the symptoms of axillary hyperhidrosis here.