How to wear an NGwear’s tee: 11 ways to rock our sweat undershirts

How to wear an NGwear’s tee: 11 ways to rock our sweat undershirts

The climate in India is really diverse and intense. Around summer, it gets very troublesome in certain areas. It starts getting sweaty and annoying even if you are doing simple everyday tasks. You might begin to feel suffocated if you don’t wear light clothes. Your clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for you go about your day with ease. NGwear is India’s first sweat proof propagator for men’s sweat proof undershirts.

Our look and our clothing depend on each other for setting up our mood. The more confident you feel about your look, the more confident you will be. Enhance your look by adding a few stylish suggestions:


1.Under a shirt

Use this perfect fabric as the choice for your inner shirt. Everyday work situations and running around may require you do appear before others. It is more appealing if you don’t have to deal with pit stains

2. Under a sweater

These are the garments you should use while putting on sweaters or thick shirts. It is sweat-strain prone and breathable.

3. With a blazer

You can protect your blazer from pit stains. You can wear an NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt with your blazer. This completes a comfortable and professional look.

4. With a suit

There might be situations that demand you to be in a suit. This may force you into situations of excessive sweating. It can be nerve-wracking and a hindrance in everyday life. Using this inner shirt keeps you dry and pushes you to concentrate on your business.

5. Under a flannel or button down

This accounts for a cool inner shirt that can be shown off in style. This look keeps you stylish and in a pleasant mood. You can complete this look with a beanie, sneakers, boots, etc. to feel warm and chic.

6. With Jeans and a light jacket or sweater

When you are heading out for a casual get-together with friends, a jacket and a pair of jeans is your go to. It is the quickest choice for most of us. Wear the NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt below that jacket and finish your look. The variety in options makes it a natural choice for comfort and fashion. You can be sporty and energetic with no worry throughout the day.

7. Under a deep neck shirt

A breezy summer day calls for deep-V necks. It is a sporty look for such occasions. Most of the inner shirts can’t be worn because they get seen. NGwear has a sweat-proof inner shirt which goes along with these shirts. This is the perfect outfit for a zealous day.

8. Under a tight-fitting shirt

Certain shirts stick to you and show off your body. It might be uncomfortable sometimes when you have to go around in them. Wear NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt to not worry about sweating. The thin and lightweight material won’t even spoil the look of a fitting shirt.

9. As stand-alone shirt

This NGwear inner shirt can be worn as an everyday shirt as the material isn’t see through. The barriers that make it sweat proof aren’t visible. The material is lightweight in an efficient manner. You can pick a black NG sweat proof tee if you want to avoid subtle stitching at the seams further.

10. With a turtleneck

Sometimes it is cold outside or stuffed at the place you are at. Such conditions could make you feel irritated because of sweatiness. You might get worried about sweat stains ruining your look. Adding a sweat-proof inner shirt makes it more easy and comfortable.

11. Underneath an open neck button down

Trends keep changing from time to time. Unbuttoning your jacket was fashionable at one point in time. This sweat-proof inner shirt from NG keeps your look up to date. You don’t have to compromise on using garments that will let you breathe. You can keep up feeling confident in your body.

NG wear undershirts are tailored to suit your needs. They contain perspiration and don’t let sweat ruin your look. The fabric it is made out of is perfect for many situations. It is super-absorbent and light, making it easy to wear. Make smart choices of not having to choose between comfort and style with NG wear.

Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt

Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt

Are you planning to buy an undershirt? If yes, you are making a wise choice! Undershirts are great in a lot of ways. They manage your problem of excessive sweating. However, you do have a lot of options available in the market. All of those will undoubtedly confuse you to a great extent because all of them have a lot to offer you. It is absolutely easy for you to make the wrong decision. So, this article will certainly help you in saving yourself from getting lost in the wide market. Read along the article to find out what to buy and where to buy.

Points to Consider

Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt NGwearAn undershirt shopping is very much different from what you regularly do. You must take care of a few points before actually buying your undershirt. Here is a list of things you must consider before purchasing an undershirt. These are:

Your Problematic Area

Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt NGwearBefore buying an undershirt, you must be really aware of your problem areas. As the sweat-proof garment is meant to target the areas you have a problem. So, if you face excessive sweating in your underarms, then, you must buy an undershirt that covers the underarm area.

Choosing the Appropriate Sales Channel

The best selling channel is the brands that have their store either online or in your local market. Picking up undershirts from brands that are selling through a third party channel is never appreciable. You can pick up the perfect undershirt from NGwear. We do have an extremely brilliant quality of undershirts.

Performance of the Undershirt

Your undershirt must fulfill your requirement. Otherwise, buying it would a complete waste of money. There are some undershirts that are just tagged as sweat proof and do not show even a single good result. So, in order to avoid such a situation, you must look for some review of the product. Ideally, an undershirt does not let sweat patches to come over your clothes. So, if your undershirt is good at hiding the stains. This means you have made the right choice.

Odor Resistant

   Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt NGwearThis is one of the most important things that you must take care of. Nobody likes bad body odor. It certainly makes you feel bad about your self. However, most sweat proof undershirts are designed to resist body odor. So, you must choose a product that completely prevents body odor. Preventing body odor is as important as preventing sweat patches from your clothes. There are certain Undershirts available in the market that successfully hides your sweat patches. But, they often fail in preventing the bad sweaty odor. However, if you have already bought an undershirt that doesn’t prevent body odor. You can definitely go for other options to prevent body odor.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Are you aware of the right fabric of an undershirt? Undershirts are generally made of either Cotton, Modal or Micro Modal fabric. One of the major reason behind choosing the fabric is that they make a brilliant sweat-proof undershirt. But, some brands use other fabrics as well. Your good experience totally depends on the type of fabric you choose. So, making a wise choice becomes really important here. Cotton fabrics aren’t loved much. It happens for a simple reason that they hardly last longer than 4 washes. You must invest in fabric that is much durable. Modal fabric is highly recommended.

The Price of the Undershirt

Well, undoubtedly price is one of the major factors we all consider without even being advised to. You can easily get a normal undershirt for $3 per piece. But if you are jumping in for a sweat proof undershirt. Then you must know that the price of a sweat proof undershirt is no way near to that. A sweat-proof undershirt costs somewhere around $25- $40. The price depends on the type of fabric you choose.

Money Back Guarantee

You must look for this option whenever you are buying a sweat proof undershirt. Most companies are not really aware of the tools to curate a sweat proof undershirt. But, thankfully the money back guarantee solves all such problems.

You may also consider other factors like shipping and the validity of refund.

Still not sure if you should buy one? Read here to find out the benefits of having an undershirt.

How To Deal With Armpit Stains And Easy Ways To Remove Them

How To Deal With Armpit Stains And Easy Ways To Remove Them

People who experience excessive sweating know all the trouble it causes. Starting from ugly yellow stains on your shirt which looks totally disgusting. With the constant fear of someone spotting them can cause a lot of stress, which causes you to sweat even more. You might dread white shirts and hide behind sweaters to save from the wrath of your sweat. So, the question lingering in your head might be how can you deal with the yellow underarm stains and what is the best possible way to avoid them all together? Read along to find out the primary causes of why you might get yellow stains on your shirts and the best ways to deal with them!


What is the main reason behind the underarm sweat stains?

Sweating is defined as a normal mechanism of the human body and it is actually a defense mechanism of your body to cool it down and lower the body temperature. You might assume that sweat causes the ugly sweat stains in your underarms but that is not the case. There is another truth to it that needs to be uncovered. One of the most common causes of the stains you might come across is essentially due to the many deodorants and antiperspirants that you use. And when these reactive chemicals come in contact with your sweat, they result in those big yellow stains that can stick to your clothing fabric and mess it all up. This is not the only cause though, other chemicals present in perfumes, jewellery, and even some chemicals present in the sole fabric of the cloth might react to turn it into bad yellow stains. And this results in ruining your whole look.

Usually, sweat is colorless, there might be a case that you might be suffering from any rare medical conditions that cause the yellow stains resulting from your sweat. In some situations, it might even turn black! Apart from that side, the main reason why you face those ugly yellow stains is due to the reaction between your sweat and some chemicals coming in contact with it, which might be present in your clothes.


How can you remove these underarm sweat stains?

Even though the main culprit for the yellow stains might be the deodorant and antiperspirants, you might not want to skip using them because they are important in other ways. So given that you can’t avoid using these chemicals which cause the yellow underarm stains, there are some other ways to deal with the stains even after you get them. Go through all of the options and see which one works the best for you as some might not given the optimal results but they are sure worth a try.

Go for baking soda:

Try mixing baking soda with water until it forms a kind of a paste and apply it on the yellow stains. Let it stay for a while, for about 20 minutes and then wash it off. The stain might go away as the soda acts like a bleach.


Try Vinegar:

You can use vinegar on the affected area and let it stay for about 15 minutes. After taking it out, repeat the baking soda routine and see if it works out for you.



You can use salt instead of baking soda as well. Many have suggested that it works, so see if it does the same wonder for you.


Any other special product:

There are a lot of results you can get from the internet to deal with the yellow stains.

If you don’t want to mess anything up with these tricky methods, then there is another easier method that you can try out. This includes a sweatproof barrier staying between your underarms and your clothing. You can try sweat pads which can be very effective in dealing with stains but it might be uncomfortable for some. If you want a solid way to deal with the yellow stains, then try out anti sweat undershirt from NGwear, they work like a charm and prevent your sweat from making contact with your overall clothing. Try the sweat proof undershirt and see it work like a magic to avoid yellow stains. Have a glance at a few eating habits that reduce the issue of excessive sweating, helping you live a happier life!