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95% of our undershirt is created using micro modal fabric which is the best material to use when it comes to undershirts. Micro modal fabric is airy and 50% more adsorbent than cotton, which is commonly used in undershirts as well. The 5% Spandex in the undershirt helps to add some stretch which allows for you to get just the right fit.

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Our undershirt prevents sweat stains. You no longer have to bear with sweaty armpits showing through your dress shirt or t-shirt. The technology used in this undershirt provides the following benefits:

• Prevents yellowing on your shirt which is caused by chemicals in antiperspirants
• Helps shirts last longer since you don’t distress them by struggling to remove stains.
• Improve your confidence by eliminating pit stains.

This micro modal undershirt provides maximum coverage. It has a waterproof inner layer. This provides a barrier between your outer garments and the sweat. While you still feel damp, the sweat does not make it to your shirts. The undershirts cover the chest, back and armpit areas adequately.

Undershirts ought to do more than just block your sweat from showing on your shirt. They should help with controlling your body temperature which is a key factor in sweating. Our undershirt has silver permanently bound to the fibers. This absorbs heat from your body when you are hot and helps keep you warmer when you are cold. This process drives up the cost of production but is worth it because of the extra benefit it provides you with.

When you perspire, your sweat comes into contact with bacteria which react with it to release an odor that is less than ideal. The silver component in these undershirts also helps to eliminate this odor. Silver counteracts the bacteria to ensure that you avoid that sweaty smell and stay fresh.”

Micro modal material is extremely comfortable. It is silky smooth which means that it neither irritates the skin nor causes scratching. It achieves what an undershirt should in that it is like a second layer of skin. This high quality material also makes it easy for you to wear any outer garment as it does not show or crumple up. Instead, outer garments glide on the undershirt to give a seamless look. The undershirt is therefore unnoticeable as the same material is common when it comes to the manufacture of men and women’s inner wear.

These undershirts come in a style that allows them to be worn with any type of outer garment. You can wear them with a dress shirt, buttoned up and with a tie. You can also wear them with a t-shirt or a dress shirt without a tie and with the top buttons open. The v-cut is deep enough so that it does not show when you wear the undershirt. However, it is also just enough to cover the chest area, which is one of the body parts that produce sweat in excess.
The comfortable undershirt is functional and effective due to the technology used in its manufacture. It can be worn every day and is durable enough to last long after numerous washes.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Amazing product! The undershirt is amazing, its soft ,it fits nice and does the job it should do perfectly.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Life saver Great product, great service. Going to get few more. Just for your information guys, this can't be worn as a t shirt, it is an undershirt.

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