About Us

NGwear was formed with the aim of providing high-quality products to the consumers.  We aim to maintain the highest quality of products that would help to solve the most embarrassing problems that you face every day.  We aim to enhance your confidence level when you choose our sweat shirt brand.

The journey of NGwear had begun a few years ago when a few regular guys decided to make something different and wanted to enter the garment market.  Summer feels like a curse in India. There are places where the temperature reaches up to 45 degrees and makes our life miserable.  A huge number of the population also seemed to suffer from different problems of excessive sweating and bad smells. We found that the market requires good quality sweat proof shirts in order to fulfil the demand of the market and to satisfy the consumers accurately. We kept an eye on the market and found that there are no products in the market to satisfy the hunger of the consumers. We took that opportunity and decided to come up with that unique product that would fulfil the demand of the market as well as theirs. This is how NGwear has begun the journey.

About Us NGwear

The challenge was not so easy at the beginning. We aimed to design the best quality sweat proof undershirts for the Indian market, and that was not something easy. We travelled the world in search of the best quality material partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry for creating the best quality products only for you.

We focused on three major components that are, smart design, world-class product and best for comfort. From the early hour of our journey, we have been committed to offering the best quality product. We aimed to satisfy your requirement with the perfect combination of required comfort and smart design.  We have used the finest fibre for our sweat shirts so that we can satisfy you with our quality and design. We also talked with the consumers directly in order to receive their feedback on design, product quality, comfort, etc.  As we are committed to serving you best, we promise you to offer the best sweat proof shirt in the market and help you eliminate your problems effectively.

You must wonder what makes us so confident about our goals. Well, it is our belief to come up with the best product in the market, we know we can do, and that is what we are doing every day. We are dedicated to making you forget about the problems of profuse sweating, that you always wanted to get rid of. In the end, we are thankful to the consumers who have believed our words and showed their curiosity to try our products. We could not step forward without your love and support, so today’s NGwear is all about you and for you.


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